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Get to know Devonte ‘Vontee’ Fletcher – the YouTube Star Comedian

Devonte Fletcher popularly known as Vontee is a young upcoming YouTube star who is widely recognized for his often relatable and funny skits portraying the “Vonayy’ and ‘Bizzle’ characters. Devonte who is in the entertainment industry has curved out a niche for himself as a comedian.

Devonte hails from Pittsburgh, born October 3rd 1994, his zodiac sign being Libra. His YouTube channel is called VonteeCLASS where he has amassed over a following of 25 thousand subscribers. His other social media accounts boasts of huge followings as his Instagram accounts has 568 thousand followers, 100 thousand followers on Twitter and on TikTok he has a following of over a 100 thousand followers.

His popularity came about from his unique style of performing short films and Baltimore –centric comedic sketches much liked by his fans on YouTube, a channel which he started back in January 2012. One of his most popular YouTube videos is ‘The Baltimore way’ which has earned more than 450 thousand views. Apart from this is also a standup comedian who has travelled occasionally around the East Coast. He and another artist by the name of DJ AKademiks are known for their satire in their YouTube Channels. By popularity, he is considered one of the most successful YouTube stars. He is also one of the youngest rich Pittsburg born rich YouTube stars.

When the pandemic hit and curfews were put in place majority of these comedians jobs went down, and it’s during this time Vontee decided to make his bonnet website known as VonayyBonnets.Com, selling hair bonnets to fans who love his Vonayy character which he plays sometimes in his films. To him this was a gift and somehow a curse but he made sure to use this time well. Vontee talks about having his own TV shows- he wants to be the best.

Vontee believes what makes him stand out among other comedians is the fact that he is able to act out or deliver what seems to be a real life situation and this makes his content authentic and of high substance. As per the jokes he tries as much as possible to make them sound original from his surrounding hence the realness of them – people hate superficial things at long runs.

About his first booking, he was at first nervous wondering how he’d perform, but everything went well with him choosing to perform on a beach and he says the filmed the whole thing there. This time he was 19 years old and had never flown before. He was happy about it.


Vontee wants to do more for the community – bringing people together through comedy. He hopes that covid 19 pandemic is over so he can actualize this with his team. He believes sometimes people grow famous and big in entertainment industry and forget the very community which supported them. Comedy to him is a sport that has high competition but he is happy that his family and friends give him support he needs to navigate this arena. Vontee keeps his personal life intact but as of now our sources tell us he is currently single.

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Here is an interview with Vontee on YouTube. He had a brief discussion about his recent success on the internet.

Vontee 2020 Interview