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Devin Williams On How His Hair Studio Devinare Styles Became a Success

Devin Williams has had a passion for cutting hair since he was young. He began cutting hair at just 15 years old, refining his skills during college and eventually attending hair school to become a licensed barber. His expert skills and the relationships he developed with his clients led him to open his own studio Devinare Styles which has become a huge success with a large following of clients.

Devin, can you please tell us a bit about yourself and how you started Devinare Styles?

I’m 33 years old I’m married to my wife Denien Willimas. I also have a 4-year son named Devin Williams jr. I’ve been cutting hair since I was 15 but I really began to gain my passion for barbering when I went to college. That’s when I discovered I was really gifted at cutting. l attended hair school after college and became a licensed barber/stylist as well as a licensed teacher.

I came up with the name Devinare styles while I was in college. I took the name with me to the first shop I worked in. A couple years later I decided to open my own shop and I called it Devinare styles hair studio.

What were some early challenges in getting the hair studio established?

The challenges I ran into, at first, were finding my first location and getting all of my clients to follow me to my new shop. Also just getting used to taking on all of the responsibilities of owning my own shop.

What is the current trend in hair cuts?

My current trend would be any hair cut that involves fading.

How should people choose their hair style?

It’s really their own preference. However, I will give them my professional opinion and what looks best for their head shape.

Can you give us an example of an obstacle you had to overcome with your clients?

An obstacle I had to overcome was when I went up on my haircut prices, I lost a few people however I gained new clients.

Have you been forced to make changes in your hair studio because of COVID-19?

Yes, wearing a face mask and taking everybody’s temperature when they come through the door are two adjustments I have had to make. And making sure to wipe down all surfaces after each client.

Thank you Devin for your time!
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