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Determined to move towards excellence in business is Bangladesh’s astute entrepreneur, Anusha Chowdhury.

Being a 25-year-old youngster, she has gone ahead in acing the game of entrepreneurship with her multiple ventures.


With the advent of the diverse fields and industries of the world, the rise of many women entrepreneurs has turned heads in the business world. One can never deny the enormous efforts these young and talented girls have exhibited, with also showcasing their brilliance in turning businesses successful. These women entrepreneurs have broken the glass ceiling of a male-dominated business world and have risen to the top, believing in their strong visions and ideas to make their country proud and become a change-maker in the society. One woman who tops this list, imprinting her name amongst the most celebrated names of the business world, is Anusha Chowdhury. Knowing more about her absolute resolve, her struggles, challenges and her grit proves that success can come to all those who are determined enough in their efforts to reach their goals, regardless of their gender or age.


Anusha Chowdhury is the CEO of Vision Induction Wads, which is one of the leading manufacturers of auto induction wads for glass bottles and jars, sealing of HDPE/ PET/ PP, Aluminium Blister Foil and Aluminium Lids Foil that are used for the packing of PS and PP Cups for Dahi, Lassi, Yoghurt etc. She also is the owner of her apparel brand L’anush Apparels, where she serves as the Managing Director and has made her brand an outsourcing destination for some of the most recognized international brands. Her list of credentials is a long list, where the 25-year-old has also impressed the business world with her latest e-grocery store named ‘Bazar Nao’. 


What has attracted people’s attention the most is the e-commerce store offering groceries on credit, especially to all those people in Bangladesh who are jobholders and who generally buy groceries on credit from the local shops. Anusha Chowdhury says she saw a gap to be filled in the market, where she saw how people sought great quality commodities but could not buy from the local stores. This helped her initiate Bazar Nao, where people could buy anything, they want in credit and avail of a credit line for up to 20 days and use the same for buying their desired groceries.


This rising e-grocery store has been lauded by many as it comes as a great relief to people in Bangladesh at a time when they need it the most amidst the challenges, they face due to a pandemic. To further help people in her country, Anusha Chowdhury also came up with her foundation named ‘Fund A Nation’, giving people a better life that they truly deserve by abolishing hunger, illiteracy, unemployment and creating opportunities for the underprivileged in Bangladesh. To work so much every day and to make every day count, for making sure she impacts people in her country with her deeds and endeavours, Anusha Chowdhury has surely come a long way, earning great respect and recognition.