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Determined to help beginners and investors in unique spaces is serial entrepreneur Kevin Ko.

His platform ‘Crypto Kingz’ is initiated with the intention to help people discover the power of the crypto space and educate them on managing the risks.


The advent of so many business industries and fields across the world have gone ahead to prove people that industries will keep thriving until it has high-performing and highly talented entrepreneurs and professionals to take them to greater success levels. It is amazing to know that many entrepreneurs, even after achieving massive success, have not taken anything for granted and instead have looked out for ways to further grow their career with double the efforts to make a difference in the vast business world. Kevin Ko tops the list of such young and driven entrepreneurs of the world right now.


With stepping foot into multiple business industries, he has proved his prowess, razor-sharp focus and determination with creating successful companies and brands as a young serial entrepreneur, something not many have been able to attain. Starting with a Cold-pressed Juice shop named Instapressed back in 2014 and Aloha Coffee in Honolulu, HI, to entering the commercial real estate space and now even the crypto world, Kevin Ko has excelled in whatever he has chosen to do in his career. His cold-pressed juice shop Instapressed was built successfully by him and grown by him, which he later sold it and with Aloha Coffee also, he brought along great success and plans to sell it in the next month.


He is doing exceedingly well as a full-time commercial broker for industrial real estate markets in Honolulu, HI, under Commercial Asset Advisors. Kevin Ko confesses that his passion has always been into investing and seeking new opportunities. Speaking on the same, he says that last year, he was able to help brokers with hundreds of deals by getting into sports cards. The crypto space was also something he grew much interest in, and from 2017 has been working towards educating people with accurate information and knowledge on crypto. He has so far established over 1000 portfolios from ordinary individuals, Hollywood celebrities, to social media influencers.


His platform Crypto Kingz wants people to get exposed to this space and educate them to manage the risks. With this, Kevin Ko has truly become an ace crypto specialist. Find out more about him through Instagram @kevinyko and visit the website,

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