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Delia Keane, known as “Ireland’s Queen”, discusses her work as a spiritual coach

As the founder of The Institute of Vibrational Resonance, Delia Keane has developed a devout, loyal following of people. She provides several critical services to her clients, ranging from psychological counselling to meditation techniques and reprogramming of one’s subconscious. Her website also offers many digital courses, documentaries and educational videos designed to stimulate discussion in the world of spirituality and empower people to overcome their mental health struggles.

Delia Keane is also the author of “Let’s Get Baked”, features recipes for meals, treats and drinks using cannabis. It’s the first cookbook from the mum of one, who has written two other books and describes herself as Ireland’s most trusted name when it comes to marijuana medicinal recipes.

Let's Get Baked Delia Keane

Delia answered a few questions we had about her career and her work.

Hi Delia, thanks for joining us. What motivated you to become a spiritual life coach and start this?

Helping people has always been my calling and I realized that most people don’t understand the real course of their problems. Also, as a mother I understand the stigma and the feeling of being incomplete that may linger within a person who lacks a sense of direction. With this in mind I decided to try and impart them with knowledge that will help them learn how they can free themselves (their body, soul and spirit) from ‘’black holes‘’ of regrets lies disappointment self-pity and bitterness and lead a fulfilling and successful life. The numerous cases of people who have confessed to having managed to transform and free themselves following my teachings also keeps me going and highly motivated.

How exactly did you get the title “Ireland’s Queen” or Ireland’s “Unofficial Doctor of Pot”?

Being a mom and a lady I know the importance of looking out for those who are unable to do so for themselves. I earned this infamous title for bringing to the fore the benefits of using medical marijuana to help in the treatment of a number of diseases and health conditions. I have also brought to the limelight the benefits of turning this to a profitable business that will help bring extra incomes to households in Ireland.

You have authored three books that relate to the field of spirituality. What do these books address and what advice do you provide in them?

Spirituality has helped me achieved calmness in life. This is because I managed to get attuned to my spirit and I was able to channel all the energies towards healing myself from any setback that had developed in my spirits and my soul. In the books that I have written, I give tips on how to reprogram your inner-selves (sub-conscious) which will in turn help you achieve spiritual healing. My main aim is to help people get attuned to their spiritual selves because if a person does this successfully, then he or she has found their core and once you manage to find your core, then you are able to know your purpose in life and you will end up “healing” yourself.

In your opinion, what do you think is the best part about being a motivational speaker and life coach?

As a motivational speaker and life coach there is nothing more fulfilling than inspiring positive change to the people. I have witnessed several cases and heard testimonies of people changing their behaviors and going on to develop their talents and competencies after achieving spiritual healing. Through my books, articles, and seminars/meetings I have strived to teach people on the tips and methods of achieving/attaining spiritual healing by following a number of practices repeatedly.

As the “unofficial doctor of pot”, I have also seen and heard of people who overcame some life-threatening situations after following the recipes and herbs that I have written about most notably being marijuana. With this in mind I also feel motivated to carry on with this calling.

On the other hand, what are some of the more challenging aspects of what you do?

One of the major questions that am faced with is which religion do I ascribe to. This has pitted me against several religious leaders who have continuously and openly criticizes me on several avenues. My lack of affiliation and conformity to a given religious sect and its beliefs has no bearing towards my spirituality. This fact makes a number of people ignore wholesomely the spiritual teachings I give without considering “deeply” the teaching that I pass.

Delia Keane - Ireland s Queen

How exactly does “reprogramming” one’s subconscious work?

The subconscious is the part of the mind that operates below a person’s normal level of waken consciousness. For anyone to reprogram his/her subconscious they need to change the paradigms that they have in their subconscious mind. This reprogramming involves a number of techniques that take time, practice and persistence. You also need to communicate with the most powerful asset you have which is your subconscious mind. For you to reprogram your subconscious self, there are several simple rules that you need to know which put in simple terms are know what you want, listen to your fears, reaffirm what you believe and meditate. This simple steps will help ensure your sub conscious is reprogrammed and your spiritual self is healed and rejuvenated.

What type of courses do you offer people, and how can they get access to such resources?

As a motivational speaker and life coach I give a number of teachings in Spiritual Healing, Metaphysics, Euphoric Vibrational Toneology, Kinesiology and movement and Herbal remedies. This coursed can be accessed online, via seminars, workshops and also through the three books that I have so far written.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed your work-life? Have you noticed an uptick in more people looking for support and guidance?

The current situation has made me witness a large number of people that require guidance and support. With the ongoing lockdown situations in various countries, people have had enough time to reflect on themselves. This has made them realize that they are incomplete and a sense of emptiness lingers within them. This has made me handle a large number of people that require spiritual uplifting and healing. I have also managed to sell a larger number of books and receive positive feedback from my leaders worldwide.

Thank you for hosting me, have a nice time and keep safe.

Thank you for your time Delia!
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Lets Get Baked - Delia Keane