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Dean Miller Is Helping Real Estate Professionals Get Ready for the Future

The real estate industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Yet it has always lacked a proper infrastructure to ensure its professionals are prepared for growth and evolution. In a time when people are shifting their focus to digital marketing and personal branding, the real estate industry is just one of many that must adapt to new changes in society and culture. Dean Miller’s mission is to prepare real estate professionals for the future by equipping them with everything they need to thrive in today’s evolving markets. As a veteran in the industry, he has gained considerable experience that has given him insight and understanding of what agents, home buyers, and sellers need most, and how to facilitate those needs. His program helps agents develop skills such as personal branding and entrepreneurship so they’re better equipped for any changes.

Miller has contributed a lot to the real estate industry during his career. His achievements include owning several franchises and investing in some of the biggest real estate technology startups, resulting in massive returns. Currently, he operates two successful companies: The Beacon Realty Group and The Business Beacon, a public relations and marketing company for business professionals. On the brokerage side, Miller believes in helping agents create connections and relationships, as opposed to just individual transactions. He offers his agents entrepreneurial training programs that teach them how to manage their own business, brand themselves as thought leaders in their communities, and sell services outside traditional commission-based sales.

Social media marketing training is a crucial part of Miller’s mentorship because he believes it’s integral for agents to keep up with technology and trends. Miller believes brokerages across the country do not do enough to guide and help their agents become entrepreneurs and renowned experts, even in their hyper-local areas. To change that, he’s committed to helping his agents develop their personal brands and market themselves more effectively, particularly through social media platforms. Throughout his career, Miller has succeeded by being on top of trends and keeping up with new forms of marketing, which he still does at 53. Miller combines his traditional/old-school approach to business with his knowledge of social media trends and changes in marketing, advertising, and systems to remain relevant with growing and evolving markets.

He offers agents an opportunity to do the same and duplicate his success through The Business Beacon, where real estate professionals are guided on all matters of marketing. The company differentiates itself from its competitors by focusing on forging connections and long-lasting relationships between clients and real estate professionals. Miller and his team help agents get their brands in front of the camera and also create the proper messages appropriate to their audience. They also teach the agents how to implement both paid and organic video to build a presence in their local community or wherever their ideal clients reside.

The Business Beacon was originally launched to service the agents within Miller’s own real estate brokerage but eventually expanded to helping clients in the mortgage industry, insurance, hospitality, local small businesses, business coaches, and public figures. Miller’s goal is to scale further and improve the lives and businesses of hundreds of real estate professionals across the country.