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David Klinkenberg talks about his solution to the da Vinci code and what it means for the world

David Klinkenberg is not afraid of making bold claims and solving the famous Da Vinci code is certainly no small feat. On his website and via his lecture on Facebook, David explores a masterful intersection of art, history, symbology and mathematics that touches on a truth hidden in plain sight in Da Vinci’s most famous painting, the Mona Lisa.

David was able to answer some questions about his discovery.

Hi David, it’s no doubt exciting being the first person to finally crack the da Vinci code, how did you do it?

After graduating college, I began touring as a concert violinist and on my tours, I started visiting dozens of museums and archaeological sites around the world.  Piecing together the patterns in myths and legends and symbols from around the world I made a breakthrough on the da Vinci code. I discovered an ancient cypher embedded in the Nag Hammadi Library (otherwise known as the Gnostic Gospels).  Leonardo da Vinci makes an unmistakable reference to this code in the Mona Lisa.

That is true, I am the first person to crack the da Vinci code and was first to make it public in a manuscript published by the head of the math department out of Reed College. Part of how I was able to do it was that I wasn’t looking for it. I was studying ancient literature and began to notice that there was a substitution cypher embedded in many ancient texts. The cypher uses opposite paired terms like light and dark and one of those opposite pairs is mountains and valleys. 

Do you have a background in codes? 

When I was in Kindergarten, the state of Illinois decided to choose a single student at random and placed me in a cubicle teaching me advanced computer coding.  It made the local papers. This may have been the reason, when I was in the fourth grade, that my district changed the rules allowing me to compete in the national spelling bee. I have always had a pattern seeking mind and the da Vinci cypher jumped out at me while I was studying ancient literature. The cypher uses a binary concept substitution code.  This code is completely new in the annals of cryptography. Binary concepts like mother and father or left and right are employed in the cypher making it translatable into any language.  It is both powerful and elegantly simple which is how it has evaded scholars up to this point. 

David Klinkenberg the Da Vinci code

How long did it take? What kind of sources did you study?

It took years to find the cypher. When studying ancient history, I always went back to first sources. I read the ancient texts and relied entirely on sources that are undisputed. I visited the sites and went to the museums that held the relevant artifacts. The evidence that proves the cypher can be reviewed by anyone, though, and you can try it out for yourself on ancient texts. You can read any translation of ancient literature for yourself and the code should work. 

In simple terms, what is the solution to the da Vinci code? What is its implication for our society?

The solution has to do with the background scene.  Da Vinci has split the scene in half and behind the Mona Lisa you see half of the background is mountains and the other half is the valley. Da Vinci has painted something very unusual in the mountains.  He has placed large bodies of water in them and has created clear pathways for the water to flood down into the valley where the Mona Lisa is positioned. She is about to experience a giant flood while she is looking at the audience with an expression of foreknowledge. The mountains and the valley and the water all represent other concepts. The mountains are a reference to the global network of royalty and the valley is a reference to everyone else who isn’t a part of the global network of royalty.  In other words, the mountains are the royals and the valley is the rest of us.  The water is a reference to knowledge.  So, the hidden message in the Mona Lisa is that the global network of royalty is keeping a large body of knowledge secret and once this knowledge makes its way into the general public it will retroactively prove that da Vinci knew about it all.

For the time being those interested in hearing more can see your PowerPoint presentation on Facebook, but when is the book coming out?

The lecture and the book are both up on The book is also up on amazon titled “On the Origin of Civilization”

What new understanding do you hope people walk away with after learning the solution to the da Vinci code?

The solution to the da Vinci code has far reaching and profound implications for everyone.  It identifies a genuine cypher embedded in ancient literature and allows the reader to translate ancient myths and legends into literal history. The sheer magnitude of the number of texts containing the da Vinci cypher implies an extraordinary fact about our history – that a global network of communication existed in the ancient world. The da Vinci cypher will take our collective understanding of history to a completely new frontier. The da Vinci cypher allows the mythological record to supplement our historical documents unlocking an entire layer of our history that has been kept hidden for centuries. 

Has your solution been verified by scholars?

The solution has been verified by Dr. Richard Crandall, one of the most well respected mathematicians in the world as well as Dr. Juan Restrepo, Dr. Bruce Jednyak, the head of the cryptography school at the Naval academy in Annapolis Maryland Captain Tortora, as well as countless others who have seen the lecture.  The cypher can be reviewed by anyone it does not take an advanced degree to see it functioning for yourself.

Why do you think da Vinci included these messages in his work?

I think da Vinci included this code in his masterworks because he wanted future generations to know that he knew about the greatest historical secret on Earth. Knowing the da Vinci cypher is the defining characteristic of what has separated the most powerful people in the world from the rest of us.

Are there any other mysteries you are keen to explore?

The da Vinci cypher opens up a whole new world of mysteries to explore.  It allows the reader to translate the entire global library of mythologies into literal history. Hundreds of myths from all over the world are now on the table as historical documents. “On the Origin of Civilization” opens the door to a whole new interpretation of ancient  myth and legend.

Thank you David for your time!
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You can get “On the Origin of Civilization” book here.