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Danielle Sabrina, celebrity publicist from Tribe Builder Media talks about doing PR with a focus on real results

Tribe Builder Media is a public relations firm based in Los Angeles, California that has over a 97% success rate in having its clients featured in top-tier publications like USA Today, The Huffington Post, and Forbes. The firm has a focus on delivering real, tangible results to its clients by digging deep into their thought leadership and packaging it so that their communications are genuinely impactful.

CEO of Tribe Builder Media Danielle Sabrina answered some questions about the firm below.

How do you manage to have over a 97% success rate in featuring your clients in top publications?

We dive deep to understand who our clients are and what they have to offer to the conversation in their industry niche. Because we develop such a robust understanding of our clients, we can effectively sell them to top-tier publications because we know what kind of stories they want to get for their audiences.

Everything is transactional – you have to provide some kind of value to the publication for them to feature you. We understand what the publications want, and how to ensure our clients meet those expectations whilst staying true to who they are as a brand.

What do you believe makes your firm stand out?

We get results that matter, plain and simple. Too many other firms will lazily pitch a client’s story to anyone who will take it and count the impressions as a metric of success – but how do those impressions actually help the business?

Our team is passionate about understanding a client’s thought leadership and how it developed its brand into what it is today. We know how to market the passion a client has for their work so that it’s attractive to media publications.

Most public relation agencies are using outdated strategies that don’t make the impact needed in today’s media landscape. We deliver a real difference for our clients who have not had success using PR in the past.

Do you provide other services besides PR?

Yes! Our team specializes in several other areas including digital marketing, brand activations/experimental marketing, corporate communication and business development.

Our award-winning corporate communication programs form a critical part of innovation and growth for clients. With our brand activations and experimental marketing, we leverage a diverse array of connections to bring a client’s brand and consumers together to deliver sales-driving results.

What kind of feedback have you gotten from your clients?

The feedback has been fantastic! Ever since we started the firm, we’ve enjoyed creating long-lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships with brands from a wide range of industries, and we love nothing more than hearing how our work has had a positive impact for them. We have several third-party vetted reviews on Clutch and have won many industry awards for our work.

What’s next for Tribe Builder Media?

Right now, we’re excited to be heading into Christmas, which is obviously a hugely important commercial period for many of our clients. 2020 has been rough for America and the world, but we’re really proud of the results we’ve managed to obtain for our clients, and we can’t wait to do more in 2021!

Thank you Danielle for your time!
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