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Daniel Jayson is the youngest power broker on the top Real Estate team in NYC

When Daniel Jayson put on a pair of ice skates at three years old, his parents caught the first glimmer of his drive to succeed that Daniel has carried into adulthood today. Daniel may not be ice skating now but he is the youngest power broker on the top real estate team in the world, working with the branch that serves Los Angeles, New York, Florida, and Texas. Their business helps high net worth individuals buy, sell, or rent luxury apartments. Daniel loves his work but he is truly passionate about helping his clients find the space of their dreams. He got to share some of the ways he helps his clients when they are looking for a property.

Firstly, Daniel comes from a background of glass business, since his family owns Bendheim Glass (founded in 1927). Daniel’s childhood happened around architects and their own clients, he toured developments and job sites, and Daniel even developed an eye for spaces, and the proper pairing of materials and aesthetics from a young age as a result. Daniel brings this sense of aesthetic and artistic as well as practical knowledge into his real estate ventures with clients, offering indispensable knowledge in this regard.

Daniel also reflects on certain challenges he has faced, being a young power broker. He recalls how initially showing multi-million dollar luxury properties to clients who are twice his age was a bit intimidating. However, Daniel recognizes that building the trust over this age gap is different for every scenario and Daniel keeps this in mind when meeting with new clients, to build this trust as quickly as possible. Daniel makes himself available to client needs 24/7 and he mentioned that it is not uncommon to jump on a 3am Zoom call with one of his international clients. This sort of dependability is essential to building trust between agent and client.

Ultimately, Daniel overcame any misgivings due to his age by executing the deals that he was placed on and making strong connections with potential future clients. Daniel’s accomplishments spoke for themselves and continue to do so to this day. Admittedly, Daniel has worked extremely hard to get where he is today and he understands that people are going to build relationships with those they feel comfortable with. Daniel’s efforts to stay up-to-date with industry knowledge as well as investing in this trust keeps his clients long term.

When helping his clients find their property initially, Daniel always begins with a conversation to ensure that he is on the same page with them regarding their needs. In his own words, Daniel is naturally protective in nature so he is careful to watch market trends as well as pinpointing the best investments to their price point. It helps to look at each client’s situation as if Daniel himself were the client, finding the ideal property, neighborhood, and investment for their personal needs.

To relax and reset, Daniel loves avid gelatin silver print photography. A lover of capturing cityscapes, Daniel enjoys wandering around the city to find a thought-provoking image he can capture. His eye for aesthetics again harkens back to Daniel’s natural bent towards intuiting the right spaces at the right times. He uses his hard-earned knowledge combined with his commitment to excellence and his eye for aesthetics to ensure that his clients sign a deal for a property or investment that will last them a lifetime.