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Daddy Couture breaks into the queer fashion industry

Daddy Couture, a queer fashion brand, has built up a strong following among the gay community for their range of shirts, undies, hoodies and more. They believe that anyone can be a daddy, regardless of sexual orientation, age, or gender, and their clothing line reflects that! They also have a strong Instagram presence, which is where they showcase their range.

The company has partnered with queer icons Chris Crocker and Tiffany Pollard, both of whom feature heavily as models on the Daddy Couture Instagram page (particularly Crocker). This partnership has helped the brand to reach a wide audience, and grown their online community to reach around the world.

Daddy Couture is headquartered in New York, New York and Melbourne in Australia – two of the most gay friendly cities in the world. These areas have a huge gay community, which helps the brand to work out what they target market wants out of a clothing chain that is meant to be extra.

The brand launched in May 2018 with a team made up of queer designers, content creators and fashion figures, and it has collected over 14,000 followers on Instagram since then. The brand community is very active, with customers routinely posting photos of themselves in Daddy Couture’s line, which helps to spread the customer base and grow the number of people who are aware that this line of clothing exists.

The Instagram account is also very artistic, with the photos carefully chosen, edited and posted in an order to keep the page looking kitsch and extra, which is part of what has helped the brand to grow in their niche.

It takes commitment to creating a clothing brand to appeal to a small niche of the overall population (i.e. that section of the queer community who want to wear extra, statement clothing). The Daddy Couture team have done it perfectly, and recognised that through marketing themselves all over the world they could get a big enough market to create to create a successful company.

The Instagram page also doesn’t make posts constantly, and only uploads photos when something exciting is going on. This prevents their followers from being over-saturated with imagery from the brand and keeps the line fresh.

When a new range of clothes comes out or a queer icon collaborates in design or a photoshoot the page will publish information and photos, but this is a strategic move to share interesting information rather than just creating routine posts. They have enough fans sharing their own photos and tagging them in posts for people who want to see more to be able to.

Shipping their range all over the world allows Daddy Couture to access markets in gay friendly neighbourhoods around the globe, beyond the progressive enclaves on the American East and West Coasts. Just browsing through the brand’s online store will show how widespread customers are, with numerous orders going to European and Asian cities, as well as shipments in Daddy Couture’s home countries of the USA and Australia.

The combination of sharp wit, celebrity endorsements and an unashamed commitment to unleashing the extra has clearly resonated with a lot of people. The niche that Daddy Couture appeals to has often been overlooked by major brands, which is a big part of the reason for their success.

Daddy Couture have grown very rapidly since they launched in May last year, gaining about 2,000 followers a month so far. The brand is rapidly becoming a major provider of clothing in gay hotspots around the world, from San Francisco to Sydney, and the company are clearly doing their marketing right!