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How D. Alexis Samuels and FinLitX are Modernizing Financial Literacy for Student Achievement

Meet D. Alexis Samuels, founder of Brain Game LS Inc., the Get On The Road to Prosperity Learning System (RTP), and his most-recent venture, FinLitX. The recurring theme is that all these companies focus on education, but at FinLitX it’s about helping students grow financially using technology and blockchain, and its theme, ‘Financial Literacy for a Digital World’.

Samuels grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y., in the projects near the Brooklyn Bridge, as one of three children in a single-parent household. His community was incredibly underserved, but the family made due with what they had. In fact, he would form-fit cardboard into his sneakers when the soles began to wear down so as not to burden his hardworking mother with new clothes.

Having taught himself in the ways of financial literacy, Samuels built his own company to offer those underprivileged the opportunity to have the financial education technology that otherwise was not available. In fact, he started in the mailroom of a publicly traded company before becoming an entrepreneur. Now, his investments are generational for him and his family.

FinLitX and Financial Literacy

The FinLitX autonomous application, a Brain Games LS Inc. product, promotes ‘Play. Learn. Achieve.’ to help users garner financial literacy, sanz a human monitor, navigated by artificial intelligence, curated with gamification, and a blockchain based digital coin called, RTPx Road To Prosperity.

The advanced A.I. spotlights vulnerabilities in students and users and then helps to instill confidence and financial values in them via accredited curriculum, gamification and rewards.

The revolutionary university supported learning platform prepares students for ‘real life’ financial scenarios of managing income, investing and retirement, areas not necessarily covered in schools. The ecosystem includes accredited virtual coursework, which fulfills state mandates for student learning and, as a reward for completing the coursework, students are awarded scholarships, an NFT-based achievement badge, and other rewards. The platform streamlines administration and reduces costs for schools and universities.

The goal of the financial literacy learning platform is to offer a modernized element to teaching students about personal finance. Youth immediately see better grades, higher self-esteem, and better prospects. The hopeful mission for Samuels and Co. is for the token to provide students with loan tuition assistance and other education necessities, while schools reduce management costs while providing them with a better learning environment.

“Our mission is to empower, educate, and improve the socioeconomics of our communities everywhere,” said Samuels. “We teach financial literacy with a focus on applying it to a digital world.”

About D. Alexis Samuels

Alexis Samuels, the founder of FinLitX, is on a mission to revolutionize the way that financial literacy is taught and understood. Through AI and reward-based systems, the FinLitX system has already helped thousands and the new software is bringing knowledge of this much needed skill into the digital age! To partner with FinLitX, email [email protected] and visit