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CWBY Shares the Challenges That Artists Face in the Music Industry

CWBY is a fast-rising music artist from Florida who is currently residing in California. He is taking the music industry by storm with his fresh, new, and unique music. Having ventured into the music industry in March 2020, CWBY has captured the attention of many music lovers with his single, “Trapstar.” The song is full of energy and enthusiasm and blends music genres like hip-hop, rock, rhythm and blues, and country music. He also takes inspiration from the music of different artists, including Phil Collins, Ariana Grande, Bill Withers, Ace Hood, Bruno Mars, and 50 Cent.

His first real experience with music came when working as a promoter at an EDM club when he was 19 years old. He was lucky enough to get a role as a hype man for Plantez, a DJ and music producer who also produced “Trapstar.”

CWBY shares one of the most inspiring journeys with so many things to learn. As he puts it, he has been through hell and back. His last seven years as an entrepreneur were full of setbacks, but he kept moving and coming back despite the difficulties. He used to live out of a suitcase and motels for three years, working 16- to 20-hour shifts. He draws his inspiration from himself and it’s always a special feeling whenever he hits a new milestone; there is no greater feeling to him than reflecting on how many challenges he has faced and overcome. This gives him the motivation to continue moving forward and to focus on achieving greater things in life.

He writes everything about his life, including the heartbreaks and downfalls. He wants to inspire others with his music and story to live their best lives.

As an artist, his biggest challenge has been finding a trustworthy person to help him on the business side of music. Despite having an entrepreneurial background, the demanding nature of being an artist does not allow him time to handle everything. Unfortunately, he considers most of the people in Los Angeles who claim to have the experience to be on the lookout for their own needs and take advantage of artists.

CWBY is working hard to cement his position in the music industry and plans to release more songs in the upcoming months. He has ten songs ready, including a summer track that he promises will be a big hit among his audience.

His goal in music is to be successful, remain the good person that he is, and continue to help others realize their dreams. He aspires to be the top artist in the Billboard charts one day and sell out arenas worldwide.

CWBY has not yet performed on stage before a live crowd. He wants to experience the feeling of performing in front of people and feel the energy of the crowd, but he wants to record two full albums first. He is working hard every day and persevering to achieve his goals in life.