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Cryptocurrency veteran Bryan Legend talks about new decentralized finance project CLEVER DEFI

Bryan Legend is the founder and CEO of CLEVER DEFI, a new Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol which leverages Blockchain to automatically distribute interest payments to token holders in 14-day cycles. With 888 cycles scheduled, the last cycle will end in 34 years, promising to deliver a significant return on investment with minimal risk.

Below, we asked Bryan some questions about this unconventional and exciting project.

What is your background, and what industry knowledge do you bring with you?

I have been involved in Cryptocurrency for the past 8 years and bring with me a wealth of knowledge stemming from Blockchain as a whole where I’ve now found myself branching off into more of a Decentralized approach which appeals to me greatly.

Offering more Decentralized services giving the empowerment to users and the public is where my total focus is now toward. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a relatively new concept and is gaining a lot of attention from banking institutions and investment firms since the market itself offers up strong possibilities.

As a strong leader, I know full well that both delivery and execution are the two fundamental challenges any business will face. Many companies are promising the world but underdelivering and falling short by not meeting their goals or objectives. This is where my experience, expertise and entrepreneurship play a vital role in making sure that any company I build encompasses a brand image that speaks for itself.

Tell me about the new company you have formed – what is CLEVER DEFI?

CLEVER DEFI is a revolutionary DEFI Protocol which works on the Blockchain by automatically distributing set interest payments of up to 11% per fortnight to all token holders of CLEVER Token (CLVA). Just think of CLEVER as the new way to store your wealth which pays a far greater interest rate compared to an outdated bank account paying little to no interest.

Several inner workings make up the CLEVER Protocol. The main one of is the Decentralized Distribution Mechanism or DDM for short which works on a pre-programmed routine cycle schedule over 888 cycles—each cycle lasting 14 days with the very last cycle ending after 34 years.

The whole architecture of how it’s built is the first of its kind in the financial industry.

How much could someone potentially earn by investing in CLEVER DEFI?

The thing that makes CLEVER so unique and quite brilliant is it’s an architectural structure. The entire structure is hardcoded and pre-programmed into the protocol itself, which means it is impossible to amend or change any part of it giving rise to the first-ever Guaranteed Compound Interest Payments.

The Interest Earnings for the First Annual Yield calculates at 307% for the full 12 months.

For year 2 the interest percentage is 445%, year 3 is 501%, year 4 is 562% and year 5 is 600%.

The interest yielded for years 6 to 10 are 640%, 684%, 762%, 765% and 806%, respectively.

When comparing CLEVER (CLVA) to traditional ways of investing such as bonds, stocks, dividends and alike, it is hard not to see a vast identifiable disparity toward how much of a big difference in earnings an investor can make as a return. i.e. Data shows that over the past 10 years as an average; the S&P500 gave an ROI of 7.60%, Government Bonds 2.28%, Stock Dividends 2.70%, Real Estate 8.60%, ETF’s 10.20% and Bitcoin only giving a 13.90% average each year.

Compare this to the model CLEVER (CLVA) has in place that is guaranteed at 80.60% looking forward over the same period. A savvy investor can surely see there is minimal risk vs upside gain.

How does CELVER DEFI differ from other cryptocurrency projects?

The CLEVER token is fundamentally different, being that it is the first truly decentralized finance protocol empowering the many instead of the few. Interest is accrued by all token holders without discrimination, contracts, lock-up periods, staking terms or anything like that at all. There is complete freedom, and everybody has a choice on when to buy, sell or spend after the initial minting period with no strings attached. On top of this, what separates CLEVER DEFI from all other crypto projects is that CLVA minting will officially start at ZERO(0) supply. This means the CLEVER DEFI Team holds no tokens or supply at all, which is a totally new concept to the industry.

All other crypto coins and tokens except for Bitcoin have primarily been designed to make the creators rich by selling the team holding supply to the public at an inflated price (i.e. dumping on the market), which causes the price to plummet eventually hitting zero.

Basically put, there is a minimal risk by investing or holding CLVA Tokens since the team owns no initial supply and therefore cannot dump tokens on the market, causing a price decrease. CLVA is by far one of the safest tokens to hold as a store of wealth and due to a restricted total supply and forecasted increased demand, the token is sure to prove it’s own worth.

How long did the process take to develop the project?

The idea concept was initially thought of by myself in an entrepreneurial brainstorming session in early 2019. Not long after the first stepping stones were put into place by putting together the building blocks of what was to become as CLEVER. The name brand CLEVER speaks for itself and commands an expectation from the public that the protocol is smart, all-knowing and intelligently designed.

Architecturally, there has been a lot of involvement from developers in constructing the programming code that goes in hand in hand with deployment of the CLEVER Protocol that has taken many weeks of rigorous testing and auditing to make sure it proves to be exactly what we say it is and does what we say it does.

Who is CLEVER most suited to?

Clever Token (CLVA) is designed to primarily suit anybody who is looking for a safe, reliable place to store wealth at a high yielding interest rate instead of the comparative ‘store money in a general savings bank account’ with practically no interest accruing at all. CLVA also suits any investor looking to start or expand their investment portfolio or even looking to de-risk themselves into an asset that is fundamentally sound.

How can someone find out more about CLEVER DEFI?

The easiest and best way is to visit, where you will find all the information to learn more or perhaps invest.