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Creative Advertising That Wins – Parker Beck

Sometimes all it takes to go from “good” to “great” is an amazingly creative advertising campaign.

Understanding the philosophy and execution methods to a creative advertising campaign does not come naturally for most people.

Advertising requires an understanding of psychology and human dynamics blended with an uncanny awareness of current trends and pop culture. 

In this article we interview Parker Beck, a social media specialist based out of NYC who knows a thing or two about creative advertising. 

His understanding of psychology and human behavior is very beneficial and gives him a better understanding of customer needs. When it comes to creating an ad, these skills allow marketers to take a step back and think about how people will see the content. 

Parker started working in the social media industry in 2013 by growing themed Twitter accounts. Always taking initiative, he learned the ins-and-outs of social media through trial and error plus networking with other like-minded marketers and learning their ways. His favorite quote by Neil deGrasse Tyson, “There is no greater education than one that is self-drive” fueled his auto-didactic learning ability to curiously explore and sharpen his skills.

From there he started growing Instagram accounts amassing a total follower base of 700k across all of his social media accounts.

Currently, Parker is creating content and ad campaigns for notable brands and huge artists like Russ and Megan Thee Stallion. Along with content creation and ad campaigns, he manages social media accounts, runs social media campaigns from inception to placement and compiles finalized analytics and data used to strategize and implement creative marketing and advertising campaigns that win.

We asked Parker, “How do you creatively advertise?”

He answered, “When it comes to advertising on social media, I have a few different methods depending on the product and the goal of the campaign. Often I like to deploy a subtle take on marketing by crafting tweets and memes that incorporate the product, brand name or artist into the content. This gives the content a more natural feel and provides the viewer with enjoyable content that doesn’t feel like just another ad trying to sell them something. Although this type of campaign lacks a CTA, it is perfect for brand awareness and getting the name into people’s heads. One example, when promoting artists on Twitter, I give the tweets an organic caption that the average user would usually post. In the threaded replies, I will mention the artist and a link to the song or video. People are more likely to engage when the tweet feels organic rather than a “New Music Video Out Now! Watch and Share!” type of caption.

Another one of the best natural ways to advertise is using UGC (user generated content). This gives products an organic feeling and relatable review from someone like them. It has a more engaging feel to it and doesn’t give off the energy that a whole team is spending thousands in a fancy studio creating content meant to sell you their product. Creative UGC that gets right to the point of the product, its selling points and ends with the CTA is by far more engaging for audiences than watching a fully staged commercial. In a world where we all cannot wait to click that skip ad button on YouTube, marketers need to get creative and grab their audiences attention within the first few seconds.

When Instagram was first starting to get popular, users were posting raw, natural photos of themselves, lots of food and other random pictures. As a whole, social media has advanced to becoming much more creative and for brands, you need to follow suit with that. Get more creative than just posting a product with some text, brainstorm new ways to display your product or work with influencers to incorporate your brand or product into their unique content.”

Parker shares great insights here into trends, subtle marketing, and user generated content. Think of ways that you can innovate and implement Parker’s insights to strategize, execute, and implement creative advertising campaigns that win.