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Creating waves of change in the DeFi ecosystem, enter Sahara Protocol that connects real-world value with blockchain in complete privacy.

Co-founded by Babak Rabiee, an ace entrepreneur and investor, the DeFi ecosystem offers users of blockchain an exceptional privacy solution. 

The kind of success and the level of momentum a few brands, businesses, and platforms have gained over the years from across different industries and sectors around the world is proof of how the world has experienced a wave of great change in the form of the advent of technology and much more. Though there are innumerable astute minds who have contributed heavily to this growth, no one can deny how they smartly integrate their visionary ideas with that of the latest tech to create something that can add more value to the lives of others. As the proud CEO and Co-Founder based in Dubai, Babak Rabiee did the same with his one-of-a-kind DeFi ecosystem named  Sahara Protocol. The investor, who also has co-founded Light bulb man NFT, has been inspiring others with his unique digital ventures by creating powerful products that can change lives for the better.

Speaking more on Sahara Protocol, Babak Rabiee says that the DeFi ecosystem has always remained in the headlines for connecting the real-world value with blockchain in complete privacy. It has grown as the first dedicated privacy protocol ecosystem that enables on-platform trade between stable and volatile assets. On 10th March 2022, the Sahara token generation event had taken place, which marked the protocol’s deployment roadmap, starting on Polygon, but aiming to expand on multiple other blockchains. It helps untangle the privacy issue, which has remained blockchain finance’s biggest user issues through its blueprint’s multi-chain capacity. Also, the protocol’s smart contracts architecture is designed to expand the platform onto any EVM-based blockchains.

Sahara Protocol will deploy on Solana, Avalanche, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain, giving people access to an easy-to-use privacy option that doesn’t limit their financial activity. Sahara Protocol is indeed revolutionizing the crypto world. It was started with a genuine intent to give traders a better trading option. However, Babak Rabiee saw a gap in the industry, noticing that there wasn’t any protocol that kept people’s affairs private once their converted their funds. This led him to initiate Sahara Protocol.

Users can connect to the Sahara multi-chain decentralized platform and then convert SHRA tokens into synthetic assets in privacy while also enjoying several DeFi products. It is unique for multiple reasons, including being Web3 ready for all DeFi apps and having no slippage of transactions.

So, if you are looking to trade in stable, volatile, and synthetic assets on-platform and gain more utilities, Sahara Protocol is all you need.

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