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Commitment to hard work and research has catapulted serial entrepreneur Miki Dutta to emerge as a top real estate investor

Miki Dutta has made a seven-figure sum with his careful investments in real estate, cryptocurrency, and the stock market.

The real estate business has always been a fruitful proposition since the 20th century. It has facilitated many individuals to scale their worth and earnings in the business. With its boom, it has also churned out robust investors and businessmen, who, with their observation skills and avid research, have successfully capitalized on the business opportunities. Among them is a London-based real estate investor and serial entrepreneur who has attained astounding success in the industry; he is Miki Dutta.

Miki Dutta currently works as the Director of Bracken Real Estate, one of the most prominent real estate firms in the United Kingdom. He is a venture capitalist and frequently invests in distressed businesses around the globe. He has immaculate observation skills and understanding of the real estate world and also has utilized them to invest in stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Miki Dutta was born in Bangladesh but brought up in London. Since his childhood, he wanted to be his own boss, own something of his own. At 18, he first got into the business world, as he gunned for financial freedom over getting a job. He made his foray into the real estate business with his mother, where he built a flat from scratch and made his first real estate deal, and after that, he hasn’t looked back.

The outstanding success garnered by Miki Dutta in the field of real estate is due to his rigorous hard work. He noticed that going the extra mile for the clients always helps, and he decided to leave no stone unturned to enhance customer satisfaction. He also possesses terrific gut instinct and believes that only time decides if an idea is right or wrong. He focuses on carrying out a deep research in real estate properties and then works extremely hard to garner positive word of mouth from his clientele. Today, under his leadership, he has garnered a 7-figure business, took one of his companies to the stock exchange, making it a public limited company.

Miki Dutta’s commitment to hard work, research, and robust observation skills has made him a top real estate entrepreneur.

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