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Results of Large-scale study ‘CITA DU’ on Serum/Cream for Oily Skin Becomes A Hot Topic

The new clinical results of ‘CITA DU’, a large-scale oily skin research project conducted by DEMAR3, a Korean native raw material brand, are making waves. The ‘CITA DU’ project has been conducting research on over 1,000 subjects by intensively researching various pore problems and excessive sebum secretion, which is known to cause skin issues. According to the Skin Clinical Trial Center of OATC, ‘DX CITA DU Burning 1.6 1∙2’ recorded an average of 71.25% and a maximum of 95.02% sebum reduction in subjects back in April 2022.

The ‘CITA DU Shield Cream’ was also confirmed to reduce sebum after application at an average of 68.41% and improving pore areas by 36.86% during sleep. Considering the fact that many people with oily skin complain of pimples or acne after sleeping and voice their discomfort, the ‘CITA DU Shield Cream’ is also expected to receive a lot of interest from consumers.

The success of DEMAR3’s consecutive clinical figures lie in its ‘exceptional R&D investment’. DEMAR3 invested 937% of its operating profit into R&D as of 2021–2022. This is a very unusual figure for a cosmetic brand company, and it can be seen as a step which gives us a glimpse of the ‘DEMAR3’ business philosophy.

Currently in the US, ‘DX CITA DU Burning’, ‘DX CITA DU Burning 1.6 1∙2’ and ‘CITA DU Shield Cream’ are in stock and available through Amazon.