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Thousands of Pastors and Church Leaders Come Together for Word Seminar with One Logos Chancellor Lee

On September 18th, thousands of pastors and church leaders from North, Central, and South America came together for an online-only Word Seminar hosted by One Logos Theological Seminary. 

The Word Seminar featured One Logos Chancellor Lee, a world-renowned speaker on the prophecies and fulfillment of the Book of Revelation. His previous seminars have reached over 30,000 attendees, and feedback has been largely positive in spreading the gospel and important Biblical knowledge in these unprecedented times.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, churches around the world have struggled with consistent attendance with their congregation. Many churches have moved their services and activities online, but the sense of community has diminished greatly. Pastors are looking for answers as they have experienced significant drops in attendance. Such decline has continued even as churches and ministries try online events, visits, and as many have opened their church doors again for in-person services and gatherings. 

One Logos Chancellor Lee offered a strong message to leaders of the faith. He addressed issues of superficial faith, and that believers need to have the correct knowledge first and combine their faith with actions. Pastors in attendance expressed a renewed enthusiasm for knowing the scriptures well, and many, including Pastor Jackie Quinonez, were excited to hear more of the words of Chancellor Lee. 

Pastor Quinonez of Ministerio Espíritu y Fuego Santo in Guatemala said, “Seeing Chancellor Lee, I was amazed how he testified without looking at the Bible. Despite his age, he is doing what has been commanded of him, which is to testify the word and its fulfillment.”

In a time when the religious world struggles to stay afloat and remain relevant, One Logos Chancellor Lee has come with a true message of hope and revival. The attendees of the September seminar walked away with greater Biblical understanding and great wisdom on how to shepherd their congregation during the COVID-era and under any distress. 

Edith Luna Zavala, Pastor of Iglesia de Dios, expressed, “Just like Chancellor Lee said, we need to know the word well and to fully understand. Seeing him [speak] today, he is a great example for all of us leaders.”

Similarly, Pastor Julian Villanueva of Iglesia de Dios in Mexico said, “I want to learn what Chancellor Lee has seen and heard because he is the messenger sent to testify to the churches.” 

With such a positive response to the September seminar, One Logos is looking to announce more seminars in the near future.