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Christopher Panduro from Virtual Assistant UK gives insight into his company and shares his advice for those looking to grow their business on Amazon

In an increasingly digital world, utilising the Amazon platform is crucial for businesses. Christopher Panduro from Virtual Assistant UK speaks about how his company can help those looking to do this and how they can benefit from the services that he offers.

He gives expert advice on how to optimise your products to generate more sales and shares some insight into Virtual Assistant UK’s business model and what makes them so unique as a company.

Hi Christopher, thanks for joining us. What inspired you to start Virtual Assistant UK?

Back in 2006 my wife and I decided to quit our jobs as system analysts and move to Uganda for 6 months to do some volunteer work with Jehovah’s witnesses. We enjoyed it so much and remained there for five years while we looked for ways to support ourselves online. This marked the beginning of web design and SEO work for us which naturally evolved over to Amazon marketing as many of our new clients wanted to launch their brand on the platform but found the process very difficult.

When did you found Virtual Assistant UK, and what are the main functions of the company?

We founded our Amazon business back in April 2014 focusing mainly on helping small brands launch on Amazon and managing the account. We make sure that our clients’ products reach their full potential using our years of experience and expertise.

What are the primary services you offer related to Amazon?

We offer a complete setup service which not only includes creating engaging and well optimized product listings but we also setup and mange FBA shipment orders, forcast sales and inventory. Our specialty Amazon campaign manager will also create highly profitable PPC adverts. We have a one off setup fee and then offer a commission basis only management fee at 4.5% of gross sales generated on Amazon.

Is it hard to open a shop on Amazon? What is the process and how you can help clients?

It can be difficult to open a shop as Amazon often requires many documents. The platform is also rather tricky to understand if you don’t use it on a regular basis. We guide our clients through the process from start to finish often handling anything Amazon related so that the customer can focus on managing their business.

What do you think makes your business and Amazon services stand out?

I think it’s the low commission rate we work with that demonstrates our confidence in the fact that we can not only help our clients but do so successfully. Otherwise it wouldn’t be worth our time and investment. We are the only professional Amazon consultancy service I know that does not work for an hourly fee.

What advice would you give someone to help them grow their business on Amazon during a difficult economic period?

Start with only a few products and research the market thoroughly using tools such as Jungle Scout and Helium10. Once you have optimized both your product title and bullet points, make full use of the maximum nine product images you can add. Using A+ content is crucial for your brand image. The customer can’t touch the product so make sure the images you use are top quality.

Finally, invest in Amazon PPC platform, compared to Google Ads and Facebook you can learn to make the advertising campaigns profitable in a short period of time.

Thank you Christopher for your time!
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