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From Mediocre to Legendary: How Christopher Mitchell Started as a Marketer and Became a Multi-Million Dollar Professional Gambling Guru

Most imagine themselves becoming the go-to authority in their respective niche, but very few actually ever make it happen. One of the few who did make it is Professional Gambler and Gambling Consultant Christopher Mitchell, also known as The Goat.

In fact, Christopher became such a dominating force in his industry, that he and his wife Stacy decided to co-author a book called The Millionaire Blueprint.

“It’s a proven fact that the way to create lasting change is to do it one day at a time. That is why the entire focus of this blueprint is to simply take one day at a time, reaching one small goal everyday,” he said. This journey does not require anything superhuman, but merely a commitment to consistently make a small 3% profit every single day.

In the book, the Mitchells lay out the blueprint for gambling enthusiasts on how to not only gamble responsibly, but also how to potentially go from $100 to $1 million in just one year. For the G.O.A.T., it’s all about ‘thinking outside the box’ and teaching one’s brain to believe in the importance of the small victories before anything else. The husband and wife tandem hope that readers will establish a winning mentality during the year of practicing what the book teaches, while also becoming the best and most responsible gamblers they can be.

In addition to the book, Christopher also offers an exclusive look into his day-to-day process while also offering gambling tips, rules and strategies to follow inside his private ‘Inner Circle’.

The Gang’s All Here

Christopher has helped thousands of people begin making an additional $2,000 a week without ever having to leave their homes. Whether gambling in a casino or online from home, he has cemented himself as the go-to expert in the gambling industry for concocting recipes for players to play responsibly, respectfully and with enough practice, successfully.

Those who join his private ‘Inner Circle’ are invited every Sunday night to a live, one-hour session with Christopher as he teaches on gamblings do’s and don’ts as well as offers tips, advice, answers questions and even spotlights some of his achievements and failures too. Members are encouraged to pick his brain and learn the necessary skills and garner all the knowledge needed to become the best players they can be.

A Roll of the Dice

A former network marketing professional, Christopher fell into gambling when visiting Las Vegas for the first time on a business trip. He took a run at a casino during the trip and has since propelled himself to legendary status. Although he has lost large amounts of money over the course of his life, gambling has essentially landed him in the realm of some high-earning professional athletes and celebrities.

Everything Christopher has done up to this point has led him to become a millionaire, launch a highly-successful YouTube channel, and introduce both mastermind courses and other educational programs for gambling enthusiasts.

“I went from being completely broke to making over $100,000 a month and eventually became a millionaire in just three short years,” said Christopher. “People are living paycheck to paycheck and failing at casinos. They enter underfunded and walk out with nothing. I’m here to help them. I aim to teach my students the necessary skills and adapt the required capabilities to successfully enter a casino and potentially walk out a winner.”

About Christopher Mitchell

Christopher Mitchell is the Top Professional Gambler and Gambling Consultant in the world. He teaches people how to find success in casinos in Baccarat, Roulette, Sports Betting, and more. After losing $500,000 in the Casinos, Christopher finally figured out how to win and created his personal recipe for success, which includes specific tips, rules and strategies to follow. He shares winning formulas with others all over the world through his private Inner Circle, exclusive Mastermind Events, as well as his personal one-on-one coaching program. For more information, please visit: