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Christian Santiago

How Christian Santiago is Helping Business Leaders Become High Performers That People Want to Follow

The founder of the The Greatness Institute, former pastor Christian Santiago, holds an unmatched passion for all he does. The Orlando, Fla., native has made a name for himself in the avenues of high-performance coaching and mentorship offerings to business leaders and investors who want to take their level of influence to the next level.

According to the faith-focused entrepreneur, he is ‘obsessed’ with the notion of his purpose to help others find their path and success, but still spotlighting their faith in all business-related aspects. Santiago has done it all in the sphere of helping business leaders and entrepreneurs find their voice, both personally and professionally. He has three successful books to his name, among them, Born To Rule: Reclaiming Your God-Given Birthright To Rule On Earth, but also a laundry list of ghostwriting for million-dollar firms and C-level executives. Additionally, he has also produced his own e-courses, and is currently coaching clients who all make up a net worth of a staggering $369 million and counting.

“If people awaken to who they really are and what they have inside of them, they can always shift every area of their life for the better,” said Santiago.

Santiago is a culture specialist who is hailed as a high-performance coach. He feels destined to lead others, but without passing judgment and the ability to keep his faith and convictions at the forefront of all his decisions. He never wavers in his beliefs, especially that one’s life can be dedicated to serving others, while leadership does not equal dominance.

Even at a young age, and as a student, Santiago has always been in tune with his adult emotions, feeling sometimes as an ‘old soul’. Guided by faith, he has stood firm in that people are never stuck in unfortunate situations, but can always find the power to persevere and overcome.

His expertise now expands across three flagship frameworks, 8 Biblical Pillars of Rapid Transformation, 6 Keys of the Kingdom, and 6 High-Performance Habits. Each framework guides clients to achieve the best version of themselves, find their most-powerful attributes from within and shatter all self-limiting beliefs. These frameworks were so transformational that Santiago found himself having served 70+ top entrepreneurs, investors, and business executives in 1-on-1 sessions over a two-month span.

In conjunction with his high-performance coaching program and business mentoring sessions, Santiago also offers a digital and virtual learning center which features his e-courses for faith-led C-suite executives, business leaders, entrepreneurs and founders who may have lost their edge or are feeling overwhelmed or burnt out and need a spark.

You Are More Powerful Than You Think

Despite that each and every person is stricken with unfortunate circumstances and situations throughout the course of their lives, Santiago firmly believes that they are also equally, if not more, powerful to conquer, adapt and propel.

His private sessions for entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders include ‘the power of identity’, ‘how to elevate your influence’, and ‘steps required to become a high performer in your space’. Each session is empowering, insightful and transformative for clients, who all are in accordance with the life-changing capabilities that already existed in them, they just needed someone like Santiago to help them find it.

“No one is stuck in the situation they are in. Each of us can experience a breakthrough in a moment that changes everything,” stated Santiago. “In my coaching sessions, most clients experience at least one ‘aha’ moment every time we meet.”

About Christian Santiago

Christian Santiago is Greenville’s #1 high-performance coach, who founded his company, The Greatness Institute, where he serves as a coaching and culture specialist for Christian entrepreneurs, high-end executives, high net worth investors, and 9-figure companies. Santiago strongly believes in showing people what they’re really capable of doing, as no person or organization is ever stuck or powerless to change the situation they are in. To become the best leader you can be, go to: