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Chris Johnson on the Pursuit of Passion

We all dream of pursuing our passion as a career or means of living, but the reality is
that only a few dare to make it happen. Only those who have managed to break free
from their comfort zone have lived their passion and as a result, are inspiring others with
their stories. One such story is of Chris Johnson, the entrepreneur, and podcaster who
fearlessly walked the unconventional path to chase his passion. He is also a creator on
a mission to share his story and inspire others to follow their dreams.

Chris Johnson hails from the small town of Eau Claire, in the midwest state of
Wisconsin. He has always been very passionate about his hometown and his
community. Growing up, Chris fell in love with skateboarding, spurring him to open his
own skateboard shop someday. To pursue his dreams, Chris Johnson quit a secured
career in the corporate world to kickstart a skateboard venture named Passion Board
Shop at 23. Undoubtedly, passion has always played a vital role in his life; it is the
reason Chris has a fulfilling career today.

After 5 years of successfully running his business, Chris decided to help others find their
passion by sharing his story. In addition, he also shares others’ stories that have walked
a similar path to pursue their passion and are living their dream life. With this settled,
Chris launched his podcast named the “Passion Pod.” The podcast was launched in
2019 and has already completed 9 seasons earning much appreciation from audiences
across the country. Passion Pod has welcomed many renowned personalities from
different industries as guest speakers. The list includes Lamorne Morris, Maestro
Harrell, Gwen Singer, Louis Carreon, Isaac Pelayo, Chastity Ashley, Dave Yaden, Blake
Johnson, Fuller Moe, Grace Reiter, Claire Olivia, and Ian Allison, to name a few.

Passion Pod is currently premiering its tenth season, and audiences are excited by the
hot list of guests. From the eighth season, Chris has taken his podcast a notch higher
by filming video separately from its audio recording. The video was released on several
social media platforms, including YouTube, to make audiences feel more connected.
With this initiative, audiences can view and hear what’s been aired. This added much
credibility to Passion Pod. To keep it organic, Chris always conducts face-to-face
interviews with guests, and the tenth season is set to be even better. He had traveled
across the country, including Los Angeles, to interview guests.

The initiative behind establishing Passion Pod is to share the success stories of
successful creatives of all kinds, to help motivate others to chase their own dreams.
Through this podcast, Chris highlights the challenging journey of others who have
managed to overcome all odds to pursue their passion consistently. This makes Passion
Pod a wake-up call to all aspiring talents who want to pursue their passion for a living.
Chris has received several local awards, including “Best Local Podcast,” back to back
years with Passion Pod securing the top spot per the “Chippewa Valley Reader’s Poll.”

Chris is also an artist who shapes his imagination with mural painting earning second
place for “Best New Mural” in the aforementioned awards. He is a father of two
daughters, and is actively involved in building parks and other public infrastructures in
his hometown. Chris aspires to become financially free and travel the world. He also
wants to give back to his community by building skateparks and donating skateboards
to any kid that wants to give skateboarding a try, thus inspiring people with “Passion
Pod” to live the lives they have dreamt of.

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