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Chase Harmer recalls the challenges he faced as the founder of a multimillion-dollar business

The fintech industry has registered exponential growth in the past decade. Presently, more than 12,000 fintech companies are existing in the market and many more are on the verge of their launching. ProfitPay Technologies is one of the prime members of this industry and is now emerging as an industry giant with its immense contribution towards amplifying the use of technology-based banking and business. Since the time of its commencement, it has generated numerous new services in the financial marketplace which has presented a new experience to its customers.

Chase Harmer is the founder and CEO of ProfitPay Technologies Inc. His journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur is no less than an inspiring story for many. He started working at the age of 19 in the banking industry. His professional commitment allowed him to travel across the USA to create a portfolio of hotel properties, but after years of dedication and hard work, he noticed a fly in the ointment which restricted him and his clients from having a fruitful experience. He realized the dire need for a system that can allow easy and transactions, reduction in processing time and the eradication for the need to have a physical present among many other things. 

Even though his vision had contemporary relevance, he lacked the necessary resources to convert it into business. With no technology experience and nugatory financial resources, he decided to proceed anyway with the start-up. After bootstrapping 2 Million of his own money he made in the hotel business he raised another 25 Million and after 6 years in operation, ProfitPay evolved from a $2M peon to a $300Million dollar enterprise on its way to a 1 Billion dollar valuation. Today, ProfitPay provides a number of services to its customers that include digital banking, card issuing, payment processing and fraud protection along with payment link invoices, cards-on-file, and pre-authorizations of payments to monitor spending. 

When asked about the entrepreneurial challenges that he was prone to, Chase recalls his initial journey as a founder. The onus of the organization and important decision always falls on your shoulders, it is a lonely world even when there is people around you and you are either the King or the Clown.  There is no in between.