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Challenge yourself with these psychological thrillers by Mark Van Stratum

Often the stories we read in popular novels are the figments of the writer’s imagination, that are crafted only to serve the purpose of satisfying its readers. While these novels can depict the truest form of human reaction, it still lacks the rawness that is present in some deep impactful novels that are derived from real life. Circumstantial reactions and spontaneous actions can be hard to imagine until one goes through the situation. 

Mark Van Stratum, a popular author, has published 2 novels in the past 4 years that challenged the human psyche to decipher the complexes of the book alongside the narrator. In the book, Drug of Choice, the author tries to merge reality with fiction and create a beautiful story that is a direct depiction of the writer’s life. Though the storyline is inspiring, it doesn’t resemble any book available in the market. 

Mark’s 2nd book has an engaging plot that can turn you upside down. Alpha Seed, Beta Need is a sweet and sour romantic tale that takes place across Europe. Mark, the protagonist in the story, is left with a drowning feeling when he discovers that the love of his life has betrayed him by having an affair. This heartbreak soon converts into an unimaginable circumstance when he is made to question his relationship with his son. Throughout the book, the author allows the reader to participate in the fictional game. Eventually, the mystery ends with a valuable life lesson. 

Writing is art perceived differently by every reader. The intricacies of each writeup make it unique and give it an eccentric element that becomes its identity. In the case of Mark’s writing, the rawness it presents to the reader is an element that stands out in the crowd. His continued efforts to leave his audience in a life-altering dilemma is one of the factors that attract the herd of passionate readers to his books. 

Mark’s books have always left a deep and meaningful impact on their readers. From addressing the critical issues related to the social changes to adhering to the facts, He has always catered to his audience in the best way possible.