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Challenge Coin Manufacturer Offers Swift ‘Signature’ Production Response for Recognition of Those Who Go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Can we truly ever give members of the military, and those who work in police and fire departments, the thanks they deserve?

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, those who served in these fields kept us safe, kept us healthy and maintained peace around the world.

During the pandemic, they all maintained their posts, while most of the rest of us steered clear of public spaces and avoided human interaction with anyone outside of our immediate families.

All of us would agree that we can never do enough to truly say “Thank you”, to these brave individuals and others who make a difference.

Just because we can’t do enough doesn’t mean we should do nothing though. We can always do something to show our thanks. And we should do it in a timely fashion.

We can make a gesture that conveys a message of appreciation and serves as a token of thanks. This is the philosophy that lies at the heart of Signature Coins, which manufactures challenge coins—metal coins and medallions with a strong history rooted in the military—and delivers a prompt turn-around that resonates as loudly as the quality of the coins.

The long-term focus of Signature Coins—which also manufactures emblazoned pins, patches and lanyards—centers around domestic production, quick turn-around times and the ability to pivot when a coin is needed on short notice to recognize valor.

Too often, waiting to offer thanks takes the luster off the gratitude. Heroic efforts that demand the recognition of a challenge coin can come with no warning, and demand a swift response.

“Incredible acts worthy of recognition are by their very nature not scripted or planned,” said Jeff Carrillo of Signature Coins. “That’s why our focus has been finding solutions for customers that can be delivered within 24-48 hours. Wait too long and you risk the recognition being perceived as an afterthought.

“Once the wheels for an event or ceremony are in motion, it’s not like they can be rescheduled, either. It’s a big embarrassment if they have to be moved, or if the challenge coin doesn’t show up in time. It goes from meaningful and worth a lot to worthless and a pain point.”

Although challenge coins hold no monetary value, the “currency” is genuine recognition and the coins or medallions are a physical manifestation of that, Jeff said. “There’s a reason people are awarded medals for valor, and not a bag of cash—what they’ve done is priceless. If I receive something of value from someone or an organization, it shows me they value me as well.”

And a coin, he continued, “is tangible. You can pick it up. You can hold it in your hand. You can run your fingers over and feel the raised and recessed metal. There’s something about it.”

Challenge coins emerged in the military and were emblazoned with insignias, emblems or logos. They were carried by an organization’s members to prove exclusive membership when challenged. Challenge coins were and remain a means for boosting morale.

Historically, challenge coins were awarded by military unit commanders in recognition of special achievements. They were also exchanged and traded during visits to different international organizations, bases and service tours. Challenge coins for years have been collected by active and retired service members, as well as members of law enforcement.

Modern challenge coins come in a range of sizes and can even feature images of superheroes. Many companies use them to inspire morale, strengthen team-building, link employees with similar interests and even to promote their brand. Signature Coins can even deliver semi-custom and personalized coins.

“The coins typically have a bigger impact than most people would expect,” Jeff said. “I know from personal experience that a hushed ‘wow’—or some variation—is the  most common reaction when someone receives a challenge coin.”

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