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CBDNOL are becoming the most highly-regarded producers of CBD products for German-Speaking companies thanks to the leadership of CEO Christian Eckmair

Christian Eckmair began his company CBDNOL to sell high-quality and safe CBD products to German-speaking countries. 100% legal and lab tested to ensure that the CBD is able to be safely used by a consumer, the products are becoming increasingly popular. With oils, flowers and cosmetics available, CBDNOL only continues to grow in conjunction with the CBD industry.

Hi Christian, can you begin by telling us a bit about yourself?

Hi my name is Christian Eckmair and I am the co-founder and CEO of my company CBDNOL. We produce high quality cannabis products for German-speaking countries.

How did you go about developing your business CBDNOL?

The CBD industry continues to grow bigger and bigger everyday with the demand for safe and effective products increasing. Because of this, I decided to create CBDNOL and sell EU-certified and high quality products. We want people to be able to safely and legally enjoy CBD and we also have a focus on promoting sustainability.

Why did you decide to go into the CBD industry?

As I mentioned, it is a quickly growing industry that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. More and more places are legalising CBD and hemp products and I felt it was important to be there for when people are looking for a safe way to try them out for themselves.

What kind of products do you sell?

At CBDNOL we sell a wide range of CBD products including CBD oils, CBD hemp flowers and CBD cosmetics. Our products are 100% legal as they contain less than 0.2% THC as per requirements. Our products are also 100% natural and are lab tested to ensure that they are safe for consumers to use.

What methods are used to create your products?

Our products are sourced from organic farming. The process is sustainable and also guarantees that the products will be free from any chemical additives. We control every step of the process from harvesting the plants in Austria and Switzerland to bottling our products. The CBD oil is obtained from the plants through a gentle method of CO2 extraction. All of the beneficial ingredients remain undamaged and can then be used by a consumer. We ensure that our products are also tested in the lab to guarantee quality and purity.

What is the difference between THC and CBD?

THC and CBD interact with slightly different areas of the brain. THC is the psychoactive property of cannabis and is often what is associated with getting people “high”. THC is the element that is not legal in most places whereas CBD is. While CBD won’t get you high in the way that THC does, it still has a range of highly beneficial properties.

What benefits can CBD have?

CBD is used by many people to treat a whole range of issues. It is a popular treatment for pain, nausea and anxiety in particular due to its calming qualities. CBD has also been known to help with seizures, depression, inflammation, psychosis and migraines, among other ailments.

How do you see the CBD industry developing in the future?

The CBD industry continues to grow as more people realise the benefits that CBD products can have. I think it will only get more popular in the future as more places legalize it and it becomes a normal product to use in people’s everyday lives.

Thank you Christian for your time!
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