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Cansu Olce Makes the Journey to Conquering Math and Life Easier

Symbols, numbers, and formulas often cause many students to panic. Some students have tried almost everything and still cannot slay the metaphorical dragon called math. If you have difficulties tackling mathematics, Cansu Olce is your best option.

A Star Brisbane Maths Tutor founder and mathematician, Cansu Olce, graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Through A Star, Cansu offers high school and university students tutoring services. In addition to her mathematics qualifications, she is also a life coach who has had success in helping hundreds of patients maneuver PTSD and PDs. Another awe-inspiring accolade is that she is the most viewed Psychology writer on Quora (8.4 million views).

With a passion for math discovered at the tender of seven, Cansu has an arsenal of strategies to help her students overcome math anxiety and bad grades. To ensure the success of each student, she employs uniquely crafted plans to fit their specific needs. She assists students with IB HL Math, IB SL, IB SL Studies, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Math, General Math, Essential Math, Statistics, Calculus, Algebra, and more.

Simply put, Cansu removes the headache from learning mathematics and replaces it with joyful learning. Take the first step toward mathematical mastery by signing up today.