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Cannabis Startups: CannaSite Keeps the ‘Kind’ in Kind Bud, Strengthens Emerging Industry with Philanthropy Driven by Business Strategies

Photo Caption: The early daze of CannaSiteCo.: Co-Founders Caron Cooper and Reagan Hatch congratulate Pacific Northwest artist Mindie Gum-Grivell. Mindie was chosen in 2019 by her fellow women in cannabis to win a grand prize package to support her professional growth and philanthropic efforts. CannaSite contributed a free website.

Smoke a joint with someone, and you will share a special bond that leaves you both feeling empowered and emboldened. 

You understand them. They understand you. The fabric of being that binds you together grows stronger. Together, you form a dynamic duo ready to take on the world—right after a few more tokes, that is.

This spirit of togetherness lies at the heart of all things CannaSiteCo., a dope web design, digital marketing and business development team for cannabis startups.

And this spirit of togetherness manifests itself in CannaSite’s philanthropy and charitable giving, key components of a business strategy that emphasizes support for female entrepreneurs. The CannaSite team wants those who are brave enough to launch a business in the developing and misunderstood cannabis industry—especially women—to know that “we’re all in this together.”

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned since we started our business, it’s that there are hundreds and thousands of incredible women and humans working within the cannabis industry to bring support and services to others,” CannaSite’s Caron Cooper and Reagan Hatch say on their company’s website,  

“Whether it be for women employed in the cannabis industry, underserved communities across the united states, or patients who have faced tremendous hurdles accessing plant medicine, these organizations put it all on the line to push the needle of progress forward. We are proud to support these organizations through free services and ongoing support.”

CannaSite donates cash to organizations; puts the “kind” in “in-kind” donations in the form of website development and support; and CannaSite donates web services for organization fundraisers.

“All of this goes back to our values,” Caron said. “Businesses need websites if they’re going to be competitive. Organizations need functional and credible websites if they’re going to fundraise and sell memberships to push their mission forward. They’ve got to be taken seriously. They’ve got to look professional.”

CannaSite supports a range of organizations, including: 

Also illustrating the strong spirit of partnership and community that frames just about everything CannaSite does is the company’s support of artist Mindie Gum-Grivell, who won a free website for her philanthropic efforts.

“It makes us feel good,” said Reagan, who is joining the board of the Texas Hemp Coalition. “We like to contribute and give back.”

Caron and Reagan work to build strong partnerships with their clients, as they build websites and digital strategies for them. As these two entrepreneurs see it, if their clients are satisfied with CannaSite’s work, then the client comes away from the experience stronger; and so does CannaSite and the cannabis industry as a whole.

CannaSite’s philanthropic giving reflects the services and strategies it offers to cannabis startups. 

Both seek to engender a sense of community among informal partners working to give the cannabis industry a strong foundation. CannaSite’s strategy for working with startups—cannabis companies need another cannabis company, like CannaSite, for web design, marketing and development—allows everyone to gain a firm foothold in an uncertain marketplace, in the midst of a post-pandemic, inflation-challenged economy. United they stand, divided they fall. 

And while CannaSite’s cash and in-kind donations can certainly give a solid boost, the company’s business services offer plenty of potential for leveling and strengthening the playing field:

  • Training that allows clients to maintain and modify their website after the launch, which allows them to save cash and maintain control.
  • No required monthly fees after launch.
  • Prices that start at $500 for a website.
  • Support for entrepreneurs who favor a DIY approach, but with the CannaSite team offering guidance.

So in addition to bringing the “kind” to in-kind services, CannaSite, you might say, is working hard to keep the “kind” in kind buds.

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