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Can Adani Carmichael mine and rail project chart the future of coal mining in Australia?

Adani rail project is all set to connect Adani Carmichael Mine to the North Queensland Export Terminal, opening the potential of future projects in the coming time.

Having set a new benchmark in recent years, Australia’s coal mining sector is heading in the right direction despite several problems caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The state governments have been quick to hand the approvals to the coal mining projects, boosting the production, especially in New South Wales and Queensland.

With the 200 km Adani Railway Project in Queensland set to connect the Adani Carmichael mine to the North Queensland Export Terminal, Australia’s coal mining future seems to be secured. Bravus, a subsidiary of Adani Group, will export quality coal from the Adani Carmichael coal mine to meet the growing demand for energy. It will ease the process of procuring and transporting high-grade coal with great efficiency.

The potential of such a critical railway project in a resource-rich region cannot be undermined. The twin projects by Adani Group will not only open the Galilee Basin for new coal mines, but also employ thousands of skilled workers, besides enabling various businesses to operate and earn their livelihood in a seamless manner. The Galilee basin is one of the largest emerging economic corridors not only in Australia, but in the entire spectrum of coal mining across the world.

Today, the basin is majorly known for the Adani Carmichael mine that is set to boost numerous economic activities along the supply chain, besides paving the way for a massive production of quality thermal coal for many years. On the other hand, Adani Railway Project is likely to play a crucial role in speeding up the long procedure of procuring coal from the mines and transporting the same to the customers at the end of the massive supply chain.

The best thing about the Adani Railway project is the technology integration that is expected to play a vital role to make the entire process seamless. This rail project will utilize signalling methodology through remote-control signalling (RCS) system. It will act as a bridge between the ports and coal mines in the Galilee basin. As a result, the upcoming projects in the region will also benefit from this railway line for decades.

Currently, the Adani Railway Project has a capacity of 40 mtpa with a maximum loaded speed of 80 km per hour. However, it can transport 60 million tons of coal per year. Thus, it is no secret that both the projects are expected to chart the growth of the country’s coal mining sector in the coming time. What remains to be seen is whether the government comes up with friendly policies for the mining sector despite the pandemic blues looming large at this stage.

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