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California trap producer Kilo House overcame adversity from a young age

Kilo House is an ICON Collective alumni and bass music producer from California writing heavy trap beats with an uplifting message. As an artist, Kilo House is dedicated to spreading love and joy to fans and new listeners alike, with a simple mantra of ‘F***k it and have fun’.

Born into a wheelchair with only the use of his left arm, Kilo House faced adversity from the very start. However, he was lucky in that he was surrounded by family and friends who encouraged and supported him in everything he wanted to do.

Kilo House

Where Kilo House was limited in his body, he more than made up for with his mind. He actually started his music career playing drums in a Deathcore band in Tulsa, Oklahoma named They Were Outlaws (T.W.O).

Since drumming requires the use of the player’s arms as well as their legs, some may have thought it impossible for Kilo House to perform. However, he overcame his limitations and regained enough movement in his arms and legs to be able to play drums.

Kilo House travelled to California to look for record labels and discovered ICON collective, an accredited music school in Los Angeles. Upon arriving, he was stunned by the family-like vibe of the school and appreciated how it focused on teaching students not only the tools for music production but also the philosophy required for success.

It was not long after that that Kilo House entered the world of bass music and became the trap artist we know today. Because trap music is so rhymical as a genre, Kilo House’s background in drumming gave him a lot of experience to work from when it came to writing percussive elements.

Kilo House

When writing his music, Kilo House uses a wide variety of software including FL Studio, Logic, Protools, and Ableton. Rather than be dedicated to one workstation over the rest, the artist prefers to use whatever gets the job done at the time and produces the best result.

Right now, Kilo House is still working on new music and is planning to release a new single titled ‘The CHiLDREN’ on the 29th. He also has an upcoming collaboration with hip-hop artist TAE HERO due to come out later in 2020.

You can listen to Kilo’s music on: