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Building Bigger Portfolios with Greg Moser

When you put your heart and soul into something, you’re going to see incredible growth, right? That’s not necessarily true of everyone, especially because one of the biggest mistakes people make is forgetting that it takes work to become a success. And Greg Moser knows how to do that and more. As a real estate agent and investor, he’s making a difference in both worlds, carving out a little niche for himself to sit in that stands out from the rest.

It’s not easy to make it in real estate, but it’s an ever-booming market, and if you’ve got what it takes, you can go far. For Moser, decades of experience with his family’s real estate firms was a good practice run, equipping him with the skill set he needed to get his foot in the door. By the time he was in his teens, he was already on the path to success. But his journey to the top didn’t stop there.

He had the experience, the skillset, and the platform. Still, there was something else he had that a lot of people didn’t—an innovative idea.

When Two Skills Collide

As soon as he was in real estate, Moser was batting around ideas for making what he offered clients different from what everyone was offering. And he soon found it. Using his real estate and investor skills, he decided it was time to carve his own path, combining both to create one super talent.

Setting up The Moser Group, expanding to hire agents across the U.S., and planning to level up even further in the future, he began his new and exciting journey. With what he called ‘half-passion and half-knowledge,’ he managed to scale up because what he was offering people was genuinely different, and most importantly, valuable.

“If you’re doing something with investments in real estate, we’re the guys that really and truly know what we’re doing,” said Moser. “We are exactly where we were meant to be.”

Investing in The Right Idea

So, what does The Moser Group do? It helps investors find their way in a market which doesn’t always cater to their needs. From acquiring properties at a wholesale level to focusing on market trends to hit the right spots, Moser helps them add and maintain their portfolios. To do so, Moser has trained his team to use partnerships and a unique skill set to help investors build the portfolio they deserve.

“To play big, you must earn the badge,” Moser said. For him, it was essential to know the intricacies of the real estate market and understand what high-level investors needed. Learning the ins and outs of how his investors profit and then helping them to do even more of it is precisely what’s made his company profitable.

As soon as Moser began doing this, the business grew at astonishing rates. Soon, he was known around the industry as the “Investor’s Realtor,” which was no surprise. With investors flocking to him to get help in their target markets, Moser is on the up and up. And it’s not just his skills helping him along the way; it’s his attitude and approach as well.

He has the data, the analytics, and the ability to position the top investors in their target markets. But he also makes it easy for these investors and brands to trust him because everything he does comes from a place of true passion and understanding. It’s not just about profits and data; it’s about overall satisfaction. “The key is to not just understand real estate and investment strategies,” said Moser. “It’s to take our knowledge of each market and join it with what we can forecast is our investor’s needs.”

On The Up and Up

The relationships he makes as part of his job are just as crucial to Moser as the job itself. In fact, these relationships are what help make him better at his job. And for everyone at The Moser Group, this is at the forefront. “For our firm, it’s about the marriage of data and relationships,” said Moser. “When we combine decades of knowledge in knowing where to look, what to offer, and what the market is quietly telling us, we can help investors see beyond typical property investments.”

For now, he is focused on elevating his clients’ portfolios and increasing his staff to try and meet the growing demand he has set in motion for what he offers clients. He already has accounts in most major cities, and his team is always on the lookout for properties to add to their kitty.

If there’s anyone that’s already prepared for the new year, it’s Moser. Looking forward to more payoffs as they scale up, he is ready to use his knowledge and expertise on market trends to build profits and grow his business. And according to him, they’re already on the right track. “We’re where we need to be now and positioned well for 2022 and beyond,” said Moser.

About Greg Moser

President Greg Moser of The Moser Group has over two decades of real estate investment and management experience and is the driving force behind many of the nation’s property acquisitions today. Focusing on elevating portfolios and scaling businesses, The Moser Group combines data, relationships, and real estate to create the perfect recipe for success. To learn more, visit