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Bruh Pills Offers a Platform for Experimental Experiences

Immersive experiences/art has exploded in recent years with many platforms offering these experiences. This increasing popularity of experiential events has been linked to several factors, including limitless opportunities. Immersive experiences allow us to plunge ourselves into different times, locations, and storylines, changing the business world. Bruh Pills is now taking this further. They built a fun, programmable piece of art that combines community and experimental experiences within the Bruh Pills community giving users a chance to experience the metaverse and earn money.

Bruh Pills is a collection of 3333 animated NFTs with various attributes and flavors. Bruh Pills come in 12 flavors: Human Pill, Apple Pill, Trippy Pill, Zippy Pill, Pickle Pill, Android Pill, and Alien Pill, among others. The Human Pill is the most common in the Bruh Pill ecosystem. Human Pills are vegan and vegetarian-friendly and come in different colors. 

Their distinct characteristics make them priceless. The Bruh Pills act as a key to the Bruh Lounge, and different traits decide what experience you will have.

According to Walter “Doc” Bored, the founder of Bruh Pills, their goal is to build the best crypto community that anyone can participate in. They plan to provide each Blue Pill NFT holder ownership in their DAO. This allows you to vote on the future allocation of development funds and other matters.

Walter’s experience in the art and tech industries gives the team an upper hand, allowing them to build a one-of-a-kind platform for experimental experiences. Walter “Doc” is an ex-architect who loves 3D art. He worked as an architect for more than ten years, co-authored numerous Realized Architecture Projects, and won various awards. Walter came first in the 2013 Architectural competition for Complex Building at T. Ševčenkos g. Vilnius. He also has a passion for coding.  

For him, the NFT space was the best place to express his creativity and knowledge in the art and tech industries. He wanted an NFT that could be different from the others and offer something unique, which inspired him to start Bruh Pills. Walter created a 3D Pills assembly workflow using python code inside 3ds max. He created the art concept, 3D art, animation, and interactive website

Bruh Pills is not your ordinary collection. Every Bruh Pill is a unique and rare token living within the Ethereum blockchain, and buying it gives you access to the Bruh Miniverse. The Bruh Miniverse is a place on the Bruh Pills ecosystem where you can hang out and play experimental apps, listen to music, hunt easter eggs, and use the observatory as a portal to the metaverse.

Walter has teamed up with Satoshisviews and Sany (aka Sam), who are also experts in the field. Satoshisview is a crypto investor and the founder of Satoshisview Holdings LLC. Sany is an advisor and educator. With this partnership, they developed a new refined roadmap and business model. 

As NFTs continue to make headlines, Bruh Pills is changing the game. It offers experimental experiences to members and gives you access to the metaverse, where you can earn. Walter says they are looking to expand the Bruh Pills platform into new spaces.