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Bridging the Gap: Juan A. Gloria’s Expertise in Both Residential and Commercial HVAC

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems play a pivotal role when it comes to comfortability and airflow within a building. Whether a residential home or a busy commercial establishment, HVAC care requirements can vary depending on the individual structures and settings. Juan A. Gloria, an HVAC expert, and his company, Texas Air Mechanical, have made a name for themselves in the industry by seamlessly serving both sectors with unparalleled expertise.

Mr. Gloria got his start in the HVAC business nearly three decades ago. After attending trade school and working in the field for a few years, he decided to go out on his own. In 2003, Mr. Gloria launched Texas Air Mechanical and hasn’t looked back since. He attributes his success to his “day one customers,” which were mainly residential.

“When I started, I took almost any business I could get. I didn’t have my target market then,” Mr. Gloria explains. “Eventually, my background became more commercial, but I still had a lot of residential work to do for the loyal customers who had supported me from the start.”

Residential HVAC systems are mainly designed for homes and focus on regulating indoor temperature, humidity, and air quality on a smaller scale. They aim to create a comfortable living environment while being energy-efficient and cost-effective for homeowners. On the other hand, commercial HVAC systems are engineered to cater to the heating and cooling demands of large, complex spaces such as office buildings, shopping centers, and industrial facilities. 

Mr. Gloria and his team keep busy thanks to their business in the commercial sector. Most commercial systems require routine maintenance quarterly, while others need services monthly. Whether you have a large facility with multiple units on the roof or a smaller building with a unit at ground level, Texas Air Mechanical has the tools and experience to repair and maintain your system. They also offer maintenance contracts with their clients to ensure they get the service they need routinely and in an emergency.

“Having a contract with us gives clients the benefit of priority. If something goes down or there’s an emergency, they get priority service,” he explains. “I’m committed to you; you’re committed to me. If something happens, you call me, and I’ll be there for you.”

Although much of Texas Air Mechanical’s workload focuses on commercial buildings, Mr. Gloria and his team still provide services and resources for residential clients. If your system isn’t working, the company can help get it running correctly again in a timely and cost-effective manner. Mr. Gloria also recommends residential HVAC systems get routine maintenance every spring and fall. 

“Even when we’re swamped and can’t take on new residential clients, I want to be there for my customers. People will call me and ask me something about an issue they’re having, and I can often answer the question without even checking it in person,” Mr. Gloria says. “You get to a point where experience is the value you bring to the customer, whether residential or commercial.”

Juan A. Gloria and Texas Air Mechanical have distinguished themselves by excelling in servicing both residential and commercial HVAC systems. With a deep understanding of each sector’s unique needs and challenges, Juan and his team offer tailored solutions to ensure the comfort, safety, and energy efficiency of their clients’ spaces. It’s no wonder that Texas Air Mechanical is considered one of the most highly rated and trusted heating and cooling companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.