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Breaking the Ceiling: Brandon Kohl’s Inspiring Journey to a Kingdom Mindset

In a world filled with struggles and challenges, it is not uncommon for individuals to face overwhelming obstacles that threaten to define their lives. For Brandon Kohl, however, his story serves as a testament to the transformative power of faith in God and adopting a Kingdom Mindset. From defying the odds of his birth to envisioning a future that breaks through barriers, Brandon’s journey is an inspiration to all who dare to dream and believe.

Brandon’s life began with an extraordinary twist of fate. Conceived despite his parents’ being told that they could not have children, his arrival was foretold by a single thunderous boom that would normally precede a storm; yet a storm never came, nor did a single drop of rain.   His mother, pondering the event,  asked God what it was about and she heard in the most peaceful of voices “you’re pregnant and the angels are rejoicing”.  

Fast forward through nine months of pregnancy and little did anyone know that despite what appeared to be a normal pregnancy, there was an ongoing battle for Brandon’s life in the womb that went undetected by all but God.   Brandon was called to live and not die and though his  entry into the world was tumultuous and met with unexpected medical complications his live birth at just 4 lbs 6 oz. was considered a miracle which ushered in the birth of his ministry.

Psalm 118:17- I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.

During his childhood and teenage years,  Brandon was diagnosed with ADHD and various “misdiagnosed” learning disabilities  that landed him in a school catering to special needs children.  Although his placement in this school was terribly wrong and he was devastated he again was being prepared for God’s calling on his life which at a young age entailed making things right in an environment that was so wrong for him.  As  he longed to be accepted and admired he refused  to be defined by what the school was telling his parents, that he would never be able to live on his own, and little did he know that God was imparting into him and commanding him to be defined by  a Kingdom Mindset.  Developing this mindset kept him strong and steady through years of being bullied and struggling with friendships and fitting in.

During Brandon’s high school years, at the age of sixteen, while grappling with his parents’ impending divorce, and his own personal relationships, he experienced a turning point and life altering revelation.   In a moment of introspection, he heard God’s voice speak to him, declaring a calling for him to work with and minister to great visionaries and leaders. This encounter shattered Brandon’s previous limitations, inspiring him to explore mental health, personal development,  and how to radically and permanently change one’s life  using Kingdom Mindset principals and strategies.

Gradually the strongholds of Brandon’s school years began to crumble and he was able to leave   behind the shackles of mental disabilities, uncertain of his future but resolute in his desire to build his own business helping others.

From a young age, Brandon displayed a relentless entrepreneurial spirit. Engaging in network marketing, inventing products, and offering services like lawn mowing and lemonade stands, he honed his business acumen. His father, who owned a phone company, mentored him in customer service and entrepreneurship, instilling invaluable skills for his future endeavors.

Video production emerged as Brandon’s passion, and his local church provided a platform to nurture his talent. Enrolling in a ministry school, he found guidance from his mentor, a seasoned video production leader. Encouraged by the church, he embarked on his first video production business, propelling him into a network of influential individuals, including top artists and athletes, by the age of 21.

Brandon’s journey led him to the discovery of three foundational principles that define the Kingdom Mindset. First and foremost is the understanding of identity, finding one’s worth and purpose in Christ. Secondly, the importance of relationships cannot be overstated; one becomes a reflection of their circle. Lastly, practicing the teachings of Jesus becomes the blueprint for living a life centered on the Kingdom Mindset.

Today, Brandon is dedicated to helping others understand and embrace a Kingdom Mindset. He is active in multiple young adult ministries and actively engages in speaking across other various ministries. Looking towards the future, Brandon envisions a movement that will transform tens of thousands of lives each year. His ultimate goal is to create a platform for Christian to connect across the world and to help millions walk in freedom with a Kingdom Mindset.

With a passion for building a strong community and providing a sanctuary for those seeking a Kingdom Mindset, Brandon’s vision extends beyond the walls of traditional churches. He aims to create spaces where people can gather, forge meaningful connections, and be inspired by influential speakers who embody the Kingdom Mindset.

In the face of adversity, Brandon Kohl’s extraordinary journey exemplifies the indomitable spirit of human resilience. From his miraculous birth to his unyielding pursuit of a Kingdom Mindset, his story reminds us that faith in God and a commitment to a higher purpose can overcome any obstacle, allowing us to break through the ceilings of our own limitations.

As the world evolves and potential challenges loom, Brandon’s steadfast dedication to his mission serves as a call to action. Interested readers can connect with Brandon on Instagram, where his posts offer insights into the transformative power of a Kingdom Mindset.

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