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Brandon King Helps Artists and Brands Visualize Their Destiny with Landmark Marketing Group

Every artist wants to succeed and have their music heard. But reaching this level is not that easy. The music industry is one of the most competitive spaces, and with hundreds joining the scene every day, it can be challenging for new artists to break into the industry and cement their spot. This is where Brandon King comes in.

Brandon is a record executive, marketer, and the brains behind Landmark Marketing Group. Through Landmark, Brandon King helps young talents in the music industry successfully break into the scene and share their talents/skills with the rest of the world. Brandon has been doing this for several years and has taken various artists under his wing.

According to Brandon King, his goal is to make it easier for upcoming artists to claim their spot in the brutally competitive industry. He is leveraging the experience gained during his time in the music industry and resources to help young and talented artists develop and find audiences.

Brandon King has developed multiple artists and helped them sign with major and independent record labels such as Universal Records, Warner Music Group, Republic Records, and Sony and RCA Records. Brandon also helped develop fast-rising star, Stefan James. He walked with him on his journey from the start, assisting Stefan in building his online presence and growing his fan base. 

Brandon helped Stefan James sign a publishing deal with Warner/ Chappell. Stefan also managed to get a record deal with Universal/Republic Records when working with Brandon.

Brandon’s approach to the music industry and marketing and his skills enable him to help other talents live their dreams. He is using his platform to support young artists as he ensures no talent goes to waste. He is also fighting to break the cycle of distrust in the music industry.

He explains that marketing agencies are great for new talent and even those who have established their spots, giving the artist more time to focus on music creation. But there is a lot of distrust between the artists and these agencies, something Brandon says is partly a result of huge competition in the industry.

Some agencies use bots to stand out from the competition and deliver exceptional unauthentic results to their clients. This has led to the distrust between labels and artists, and musicians are reluctant to trust companies like Landmark Marketing Group and others that provide real results. As Brandon King continues to develop artists, he is working to heal the trust between clients and music marketing brands as he shows people that it is possible to grow an audience with organic traffic.

Brandon King and his team at Landmark Marketing Group are making it easy for artists to break into the music industry. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, as Landmark Marketing Group has received recognition from several players. One of their artists, Big Bank Bandz, had their song among the top 10 on iTunes. Brandon King also helped R&B group Sentury get to Billboard’s top 25.

In the coming months, Brandon King plans to expand his brand and open a music distribution company. The company will be focused on the growth of artists where every artist release gets a guaranteed playlist, pitching, and marketing services with packages starting as low as $80.