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Boyd Clewis Built A Million Dollar Cybersecurity Firm From The Ground Up

Boyd Clewis is the owner and proprietor of Baxter Clewis Consulting, a successful behemoth in the cybersecurity industry that is making all the right waves. Strange to consider that Boyd Clewis built it all himself, without any formal training in the matter of a few years.

The cybersecurity facet of modern business is becoming more and more important. The safety and maintaining of private and sensitive data is a consideration that companies are now putting front and center. Those who have their hand in the cyber security game at this point in time, are the forward-thinkers we sorely need in the world at the moment.

Boyd Clewis

Boyd Clewis was one of these forward thinkers, building his empire from the ground up, and to great success. If his story gives you anything, it should be the inspiration to know that in the digital world, anything is possible.

Unorthodox Beginnings

He dropped out of his formal education and began learning his trade through various jobs. His journey into the IT industry was quite unorthodox, after studying as much as he could on cybersecurity with the resources available, he was invited to interview at American Airlines, while his initial run was unsuccessful, he was called back a few years later as a Senior Security Architect.

His success in the role landed him the attention of some of the largest companies on the fortune 500. As there were stricter measures coming into place with the Fortune 500 companies, there was an ample market opening up, a market that Boyd Clewis saw coming.

Boyd Clewis

His Own Firm

He elected to open his own consultancy firm which now sees some of the biggest movers and shakers in the business look to him for their cybersecurity consultancy needs. Not being a stranger to his own story, Boyd Clewis is also teaching online, the pandemic seemed to inspire a legion of new students, as online education took center stage throughout the pandemic. Through his online courses and his cybersecurity firm, there’s no telling where Boyd Clewis will go next.