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Bonnie Locket Shows How to Scale Up in the Modeling Industry

Modeling is more than being a pretty face, wearing designer outfits, and walking on glitzy runways. It is also about confidence, attitude, and personality. With the advent of social media, models have found a new means to wow the audience and grab the attention of millions without relying on the runway. Bonnie Locket is one such model who showed the world that a runway is not the only thing a model needs to make headlines. She created quite a buzz on social media with her sizzling content and quickly became a sought-after model in the digital space. With 800,000 followers on Instagram, 2 million on TikTok, and even more on Twitch and Snapchat, Bonnie Locket has never looked back since she began her career in the industry. 

The 33-year old model, originally from Lincolnshire, is now earning millions every year from her modeling gigs. The British actor, model, and singer started out as a professional dancer, and used to train at the world-renowned Laine Theatre Arts. At 19, she was chosen to star in the UK tour of “High School Musical.” This inspired her to earn her Master’s in acting, and then change course from dancing to modeling.

In her twenties, she felt the need to scale up her income and started working as a webcam model. Within a few months, her fan base grew explosively. This initial success helped her to realize the earning potential of the industry, and felt that she was on track to doing what she had always meant to.

Bonnie Locket has climbed the ladder of success with some more ambitious projects like modeling for a sizzling Ann Summers campaign. Her appearance in this campaign made her a popular face in the industry almost overnight.

With all these accomplishments, Bonnie was empowered to make even bigger professional moves. After her success in the webcam modeling industry, she decided to launch her own agency. She hired fresh talent to create content via webcam and was able to help them achieve their goals. Bonnie also started a Surrey-based property business in which she rents out rooms to add to her income. 

Diversifying her sources of income proved profitable for Bonnie Locket. At 30, she bought her first supercar, a Lamborghini Gallardo with a price tag of over $100,000. But with her passion for stunning cars, Bonnie did not stop there. Bonnie is now the proud owner of a Ferrari California T as well. Her fast cars remind her of her relentless efforts to pursue her dreams, and how she has been able to zoom towards her goals. She equates the feeling of driving a supercar with her growing success. 

Bonnie Locket believes that nothing is impossible with hard work and persistence. It is this belief that led her to the success she is basking in today. Bonnie’s next endeavor is designing and building her own dream house in Surrey, which will soon be a reality.

But making your dreams come true doesn’t come without hardship. Finding success as a social media model has its fair share of challenges. During the early phase of her career, Bonnie was extremely hurt by non-stop social media trolls and the judgmental and nasty comments they posted. Soon she realized that these are the part and parcel of being a famous social media model and has learned to move on. The support from her friends, family, fans, and even her beloved dogs has always been her biggest strength. 

Going forward, she is planning to expand her social media presence with more sultry and fresh content for her fans. Being one of the best content creators in the space, she knows well how to stand out from the competition.

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