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Body Organics Protein Deodorant

Body Organics just launched its premium protein (natural) deodorant, and we have exclusive details

This potent protein deodorant does a lot more than Protect.

Though at first glance, the Body Organics Protein Deodorant might look like your average deodorant, but think again as we are excited to let you know at a glance it come close to describing all the things this product is designed to do. Packed with all of Body Organics’ much-loved skin vitamins, the Protein Deodorant works as a deodorant, controls hyperpigmentation and antimicrobial all at the same time — and we got to try first hand!

Breaking down this product’s performance down by its functions, the most relevant being Odour prevention. The Protein Deodorant is typically formulated to protect against body odour by neutralizing and breaking down the enzymes and bacteria that cause odour to a simple salt. Body Organics has also included a natural Sodium Salt with antimicrobial properties.

Body Organics as always have left out the artificial fragrances, Chemicals and Aluminium (all the chemicals and fluff that have raised concerned from long term use in deodorants) out of the formula. Thanks to this, the Protein Deodorant from Body Organics can be used daily without any worry about dark pigmented armpits which usually arise from long term use of Aluminium Deodorants. And hold on, let’s get to how this Protein Deodorant is your best decision yet.

Body Organics Protein Deodorant
Body Organics Protein Deodorant

After we used the Protein Deodorant, we noticed the calming and silky feel of the armpit skin — that’s silk protein. When you apply the protein deodorant, you can fill it glide smoothly as it dissolves in to breakdown any odour causing bacteria, smoothen and condition skin.

If you are (like all of us are) worried about the adverse effects of long term use of Aluminium, Parabens and synthetic bactericides in commercial deodorants. If you are worried about dark pigmented armpits which are most times caused by use of Aluminium & chemical based deodorants or antiperspirants – This is for you!

Try it, you’ll see for yourself.

Body Organics Protein Deodorant is $28.44 and available on