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Birdm0n Likes the Anonymity of the NFT World

The real value of an NFT is the allowance of one-of-a-kind asset creation. It is a fact that enables unique customer offerings and experience. Birdm0n says the versatility of NFTs allows a digital artist and developers to create literally anything that they can imagine- from music, images, digital real estate, and videos to virtual worlds. NFTs became a new tool meant for the creation of unique selling propositions, developing storytelling, and increasing customer engagement. As an entrepreneur currently immersed in the NFT world, Birdm0n believes that NFTs increase brand loyalty and awareness; cues that were not apparent in the past.

Birdm0n is the founder of Thugbirdz. His establishment creates iconic NFTs, which are built on the Solana blockchain. Thugbirdz is arguably one of the most culturally relevant projects on the market right now, and has been creating a crazy buzz among the NFT community. Thugbirdz is an NFT that encourages everyone to embrace their inner thug and digitally represent their alter egos. The NFT collection features over 3,333 unique birds who happen to be thugs. Each bird has its own distinct tattoos and accessories, in addition to its own unique color pallet and style; every smoker has its own signature cigarette, and more.

Within a year of Thugbirdz inception, Birdm0n has liaised with prominent digital artists, celebrities and successful people in the tech space including celebrities like  Young Thug, Wiz Khalifa, Metro Boomin, Waka Flocka, and Sonny Digital, who are all holders of Thugbirdz.  Through it all, he is refining his skills as a digital artist, while expanding his network of acquaintances. One of the things Birdm0n likes about creating NFTs is that his identity is rarely known by buyers, people in the NFT community, and segments of audiences around the world. Additionally, one does not need to have educational experience or background to create an NFT- it is more about a creative’s artistic talent, which in most instances is inborn.

Birdm0n studied at the University of Cape Town, where he majored in computer science. It is during his time in college, that he became intrigued with crypto and started doing his research on related dynamics. He paid more attention to the Solana blockchain, and the idea of owning an NFT. Despite not having intricate knowledge about how to develop NFTs and manage crypto, his interest to learn enabled him to prosper as a digital artist and developer. He liked the fact that success in this business line was never going to be dependent on his academic or formal qualifications.

Early on in his career, as a digital artist and developer, Birdm0n was advised that anyone trying to make money from NFT’s should be wise enough to seek anonymity. Indeed, anyone can download and view an image for free over the Internet, but they cannot own the content, and they can’t gain any value from it without owning the NFT, as well. This is where the Solana Blockchain platform came into play. Birdm0n is currently hosting all his NFTs on Solana because he believes it is superior to anything else he has ever seen. It is cheaper, much faster, more scalable, and most importantly, guarantees anonymity due to the operational framework of the blockchain technology. This way, he can make his business moves without people necessarily knowing who he is and why he is doing it.

Birdm0n says the NFT business has a steep learning curve and resembles conceptual art more than a well-established trend. With this in mind, he is patient enough to learn more new things as he grows into these business ventures.