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Daneika Collins

Bevery Hills realtor Daneika Collins strives to help the underserved realize their dream of being a homeowner

Daneika Collins is the Vice President, Branch Manager, and Senior Realtor at Evergreen Homes, a leading real estate agency with locations in Brentwood and Riverside California. Daneika Collins is a real estate specialist who has a passion for helping people realize their dream of homeownership through her refined management, selling, and negotiation skills.

Daneika Collins kindly answered some questions about her work.

Hi Daneika, can you tell us a little about your background before becoming a professional realtor?

Sure! From as far back as I can remember, I have always gone ‘Against the Odds’. Even as a child, I was extremely ambitious and a go-getter. My background began in the legal field. I worked as a legal assistant while in college, and the next year, I started my own business and opened my first office providing resources to the community & legal document service. In short, I started my first business, acquired my first home and launched my non-profit organization Against All Odds all by the age of 21 years old.

Amid my climb, and in trying to fund my new business, I gained knowledge and experience and worked for large corporations as both a senior and regional manager. While I had great experiences in these roles, I knew that my life work was to continue as a community advocate and business owner, in a capacity that would help others reach their goals, aspirations, and true potential.

I continued as a business owner, worked as an independent contractor for regional asset management firms, and along the way, I purchased properties as an investor. Amid it all, I also obtain my real estate license.

How has your past experience as an entrepreneur and business owner helped you to provide excellent results for your clients?

Exceptionally good question. My experience as an entrepreneur and business owner has paved the way for providing the best results for my clients and community, as we know knowledge is power! I bring a wealth of knowledge to all of my clients, and it is a true advantage for them because I can provide information and resources that will not only allow for a seamless real estate transaction but provide them with a real estate experience that will propel them forward in life. My service does not terminate at the end of the transaction, but it is usually the beginning of greater things to come.

How do you help make homeownership a reality for people who previously never thought they could buy a home?

I love this question! I am not your average realtor; I am passionate about making homeownership a true reality, and I serve the underserved. It starts with providing the proper education, support and guidance. Therefore, I became a realtor!

I wanted to help educate and streamline the home buying process. When I started the process of purchasing my first home at the age of 20 years old, the experience was brutal, to say the least. I was rejected all before even applying. There is a misconception out there as it relates to qualifying and purchasing a home.

My strategy has been to provide the knowledge, education and guidance needed in this industry. When I purchased my first home, it was not because I had perfect credit, or because I had a lot of money in the bank, It was not because I had been on my job ten years. It was because of faith, hard work and resilience! It was because I was determined to do what was seemingly impossible. I was willing to go against the odds. And lastly, it was because I educated myself and found someone knowledgeable to walk me through the process.

As a result, I have created a pathway to ownership program, and through this program, I am able to not only make homeownership a true reality for many but I am transforming, influencing and moving a general forward in not only real estate but in life.

Daneika Collins

What are some of your other responsibilities as Vice President and Branch Manager at Evergreen Homes? 

At Evergreen Homes, we set the standard for excellence. 90% of our business has been through word of mouth, referrals and repeat business – amazing right? While I wear many hats, my new responsibilities now include branding, marketing, and now creating an online and media presence in order to expand our services to many more individuals. I am the Branch Manager at our Riverside California location, and my goal is nothing short of continuing to advocate for the underserved while providing excellent real estate services in California.

Would you eventually plan to expand the Evergreen Homes team with more realtors or admin staff in the future?

Great question – yes! In fact, we are in the expanding process, our branch office is in Beverly Hills, we just opened a new branch in Brentwood. Our Riverside Branch is on the rise, and we are expanding to Las Vegas.

We literally have just expanded our support team. In terms of realtors, we are a very prestigious and elite real estate brokerage. We are extremely cautious when it comes to our partners and especially our realtors. They must live up to the standards of excellence. These days, it is often hard to find the perfect match, but we always have an eye open for that star team player that may be sent our way.

What are some words of wisdom you would give to a junior realtor in 2020?

Many realtors’ careers end before they even begin. My advice would be to serve their clients with excellence! To be resilient and of course, to go against the odds!  And always remember “To Whom much is given, much is required”.

Thank you Daneika for your time!
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