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besti: The Anti-Yelp, Positive-Only Review App Disrupting the Review and Ratings Industry

Upstarts challenging the status quo have driven a lot of innovation in this great nation of ours. 

AirBnB upended the hotel industry. 

Uber disrupted the taxi industry.

Tesla has sent shockwaves through the auto industry. 

In this same vein we find besti, the ‘Anti-Yelp’ app giving consumers an alternative to discover and share their favorite businesses. besti is a critical tool for sharing and finding the best restaurant, used record shop, bakery and bookstore, among thousands of other destinations. You name it, besti will have it.

Online reviews shape—even dictate—how, where and why we spend money. 

Businesses can rise or fall in the wake of positive or bad reviews. Business owners have begged consumers to rewrite or remove negative reviews, which are now a critical component of the Social Discovery space. They have also fought with rating and review sites to remove fake, negative reviews with only mild success.

besti co-founder and CEO James Lowen has found a significant number of online reviews that he considers pretentious, bitter or completely off-base. This frustration spurred James to launch besti, which allows only positive reviews. As a result, he said, besti’s positive-only reviews generate more authentic and reliable recommendations.

besti offers multiple benefits to users including saving them time. With user-curated, positive reviews, people won’t have to spend time sifting through all of the bad to get to the good.

Another benefit is accountability—businesses that make the cut are likely to be of superior quality and level of customer service. This will set a higher bar for standards and only the best businesses will flourish in the besti-verse. 

Here’s another cool thing they do differently; besti has abandoned the antiquated star-rating system and eliminated irrelevant ads. They offer their users more options with their searches, allowing users to search using keywords— as a smarter way to find and share their favorite businesses. 

The company’s goals for the coming year are to build up a base of 100,000 users and 1,000 subscribing businesses. besti’s long term outlook includes bold steps to expand its reach. 

“We want to add revenue streams that align with our values and provide something that truly helps restaurants and small businesses thrive,” James said, “Everything we do has to help both our users and all the small businesses we’ll get to partner with. I’d love to talk with any business who thinks they have what it takes to be on besti!”  

Visit for information. besti is available for download in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.