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Best Places to Buy Property in Turkey in 2023

Best Places to Buy Property in Turkey in 2023 

The best cities to buy property in Turkey are Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Alanya, Bodrum, Mersin, and Bursa. The different aspects of each of these cities stand out more at some points. When investing in real estate, “Where?” is the first query that comes to mind. It would not be appropriate to single out a city and declare it to be the greatest location in Turkey to purchase an investment property.

Every city has its advantages, standards of living, and opportunities. Depending on your need and expectation, there may be more than one “optimal” viewpoint. It is reasonable to say that location, characteristics, and annual appreciation are the primary determinants of what people consider to be the best properties.

1. Istanbul

Istanbul is the first city to pick up living in Turkey. In addition to its cultural diversity, Istanbul, which has the architecture of many different civilizations historically, is also one of the leading cities in the field of real estate. At the same time, other opportunities like jobs, investment options, and sightseeing places, in Istanbul is adorable. 

2. Antalya

Antalya is the second city among foreigners. The place for summer vibes and the city which consists of everything one needs, Antalya is very popular. The variety of different types of houses, as well as living conditions, attracts many people around the world. 

3. Izmir

The ancient city, which was home to Aristotle, is a city that takes the attention of many people. Izmir is a cheap and classy space that is integrated with the sea and that is not yet surrendered by the superficiality of modern life. Therefore, Izmir stands out for its kind, warm-blooded, understanding, and helpful people.

4. Alanya

Alanya is an outstanding tourism resort located on the south coast of our country and is in the district of Antalya. The climate of Alanya is suitable for many sports and cultural activities. Alanya hosts many tourists and has a multicultural structure. Many people of different religions, languages, and cultures continue to live together in Alanya, happily and together.

5. Bodrum

Bodrum is a district located in the western corner of Muğla province in the Aegean Region. Bodrum, one of the most popular touristic districts of Mugla, is a pearl of the Aegean with its beautiful beaches, historical ruins, colorful nightlife, and holiday villages. It is the region most preferred by holidaymakers and tourists.

6. Bursa

Located in the Marmara Region, the Marmara Sea is located in north of Bursa. It is adjacent to Kocaeli and Sakarya provinces in the northeast. Bursa is such a city that it has countless beauties that will bring together those who want entertainment and those who seek peace, those who want to be alone with nature, taste gourmet delicacies, or go deep into history, within the same borders. Bursa, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire, is very famous for its historical buildings. Bursa is one of our developed cities, known as being close to Istanbul.

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent to Buy a Property in Turkey?

Searching for a real estate company buying real estate is the most significant need for investors. Therefore, you should be careful about which company to work with. Istanbul Property company with more than +6334 clients, is a trustful and reliable company as well as its convenience to its clients with the help of services like online consultancy, after-sales services, property management, and legal services.

What are the Benefits of Buying Property in Turkey?

There are countless benefits of buying property in Turkey. To begin with, Turkey is a country in between Europe and Asia, which makes it a preferable country due to its strategic location. Therefore, considering the prices according to the other countries, Turkey stands out with affordable prices.

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