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The 5 best essay writing services: reviews from Reddit website experts

Reddit is one of the most active websites on the internet with around 52 million users every day around the world. Reddit is also home to several million users who are students and are looking for help in the essay. These students discuss and review different essay writing services available online. They have discussed and set guidelines for which essay writing service is the best on Reddit.

Since all the essay writing services have their own policies and prices, Reddit users and subreddits have examined and reviewed almost all of the services available online.

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5 best essay writing services:

Keeping that in mind, here is the list of 5 best essay writing services and subreddits according to Reddit.

1. 99Papers – the Best Essay Writing Service on Reddit!

99Papers - the Best Essay Writing Service on Reddit

The 99Papers has been a great tool for students since 2008. It is one of the most respectable essay writing services since then. The peculiar quality of this service is that it provides an individual based approach for each essay problem. In fact, all essays are original and quickly delivered.

The pricing of this service is reasonably fair. There is a discount on the first order. Reddit users take 99Papers help for detailed technical analysis on essays, presentations, and much more.

99Papers maintains a high-quality service. The essays are written in good quality and are capable of getting you a passing score. As a matter of fact 99Papers is a deadline maniac, that never misses the tightest of deadlines, even a 3-hour deadline.

Reddit users says, that he tried several websites, but found 99Papers to be the most reliable and satisfying.

Key facts regarding 99Papers:

Deadline: 3 hours

Price: Reasonable – 8.99 USD

Writers: English as a native language and English as a secondary language

2. PaperHelp

PaperHelp - best essay writing services

Reddit users are pretty much happy with the quality that this service provides. According to their reviews, PaperHelp can deal with essays of any difficulty. The essay/paper offered for writing even includes a plagiarism report from a reputable software. However, the price starts from 9$. A bit expensive, but the quality is top-notch.

Other than that the customers get free formatting with the help from the top-notch US editors and writers. Moreover, there is a 24/7 communication channel open for customer support via mail, chat, and call.

Reddit users says, that PaperHelp comprises a large number of professional writers. This organization of great writers rightly pride themselves on their plagiarism free content. The user was very satisfied with the paper he received during the order.

Key facts about the PaperHelp:

Deadline: 3 hours

Price: – 9.59 USD

Writers: ESL and ENL writers

3. Grademiners

Grademiners - best essay writing services

Grademiners is one of the top-notch and most recognized essay writing services to date. The website is very popular on Reddit that offers guaranteed promising results.The focus of the service is on providing original content backed by guarantee to return money on failure and reliable confidentiality.

The writers on this service are experienced professionals especially trained for this purpose. They are capable of writing on a variety of topics and levels from school to Ph.D.

With over, 3500 writers, 97% of all the deliveries made by the Grademiners are on time. The usual price offered by the Grademiners service is $13.28. However, Grademiners offer a special discount for the first time order of around $11.29.

Key facts about Grademiners:

Deadline: Yes, three hour deadline is met

Price: Standard Price – 13.28 USD

Writers: Both ESL and ENL writers are available

4. - best essay writing services

This essay writing service is all about high-quality research based essays for a cheap price. In fact, it is one the best essay writing services on the internet. The users of Reddit talk a lot about 1Essay and its quality. They refer to 1Essay as a reliable writing service that charges a reasonable price.

One of the most unique characteristics of this writing service is that it allows the users to communicate with the writer in order to get a better result. Privacy is one thing that this website cares about the most. It does all that by ensuring anonymous communication, securing payments and protecting the personal data of the client.

1Essay is one of the most secure writing services. This writing service provides the best rates out there. The Reddit users most often share their experience of the site, pointing out the site’s affordable service and swift delivery.

Brown-12, a reddit user, has reviewed the website. He tells the readers that 1Essay has some great professors, retired and serving, that are working with them. According to him, these guys are doing God’s Job while writing. They even have teammates who are Ivy League Graduates.

Key facts about 1Essay:

Deadline: Even three hour deadline

Price: 9.95 USD

Writers: Master Level ESL and ENL writers

5. EssayBox: Essay Writing Service Reddit

EssayBox: Essay Writing Service Reddit

EssayBox is one of the top-notch and most popular essay paper writing services on Reddit. It has a large variety of both ESL and ENL writers and editors who are experienced in writing academic papers. The site can write on all subjects and for all levels from school to graduate school.

Like all the essay writing services approved on Reddit, EssayBox provides a 100% plagiarism-free content. Therefore, it is regarded as the most reliable service of all times. EssayBox also provides unlimited revision, plagiarism report, formatting and title pages free of cost like a bonus.

Megan Patterson, a reddit user, believes that EssayBox offers the best essay writing service, which is quick and easy to use. You just have to upload your paper you want to get proofread and place the order. Annie also points out that even if your paper is a high school or college math problem, EssayBox will handle that well.

Key facts regarding EssayBox:

Deadline: A 3 hour deadline

Price: Standard price is 10 USD

Writers: ESL and ENL

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The subreddits that will help you in writing the essay

Reddit is not a small community. Everyday there are users in tens of millions and it is likely that there is a subreddit for everything.

If we search and explore the Reddit community, we will find many subreddits specifically directed to helping students finish their homework and essays. These services can be cheaper than other essay writing platforms and can prove to be highly efficient.

In fact, at any given time there are several writers available for help, you just have to post an outline of what you want. As soon as you post your requirement, people will start messaging you about the help they will be providing.

However, beware of the scammers on the site. Many writers on reddit are neither professional nor qualified to write anything. These random users may just copy paste and reproduce a plagiarized essay for you.

So finding a professional writer on reddit can be difficult, but it is not impossible. A good way to avoid scammers is to ask for samples and past performance based on high karma points.

Here are 8 top writing subreddits on Reddit:


This subreddit is a friendly community of people that are available to help you in your essay homework. These folks do not write the research paper, essay, or assignment. They offer students help in understanding the topic, and guide you where to research from.

This subreddit is credited for the help that it provides the students in learning and understanding the subject.


The service has an impressive system of help that it offers to the students in need. They provide a great deal of custom help to the users. The subreddit offers a variety of writing services including academic assignments, case studies, papers and essays.

The process is similar to any other subreddit where you submit an offer. The offer is reviewed and then approved if the offer is detailed properly on how the essay should be written. The communication is done one on one basis. Moreover, the subreddit has a review system to aspire confidence and boost quality.


This subreddit has users that help students get the best score in the most difficult of the papers. The moment you post your request, offers start coming in. Many potential writers outline the details of the paper that they plan to write for the user.

To get the best results it is recommended that students should add as much details as possible to get the best results. The students should add their requirements, topic, wordcount, deadline, etc and the price they are willing to pay for the service.


Domyhomework is a community of dedicated essay writers. These people offer great help to the Reddit users by completing essays, online exams, and whatnot. This subreddit has a strict high-quality policy for good writers. Any person that does not provide great writing service is not welcomed. They have a great reputation and students rely on them for their assignments.


It is a comparatively new writing community that is growing at a high pace. Homeworkcentral provides a high-quality content to its users for a fair price. These guys have a very professional attitude towards writing.

The students are allowed to get almost any kind of homework done through this subreddit. They do everything from editing, proofreading, writing and even helping you prepare for your next exams. The moderators are always focusing on maintaining the high quality of the service, this one feature has popularized this subreddit.


HandmadeWriting is actually a company that offers writing services. The subreddit is used to direct traffic towards the website. The reddit users do not post their requests on the platform. The website avoids making ads or other such content to attract an audience.


Essay writing service is one of the most active platforms on Reddit. It is administered by the PaperTakers. The Subreddit has focused on promoting its writers. They bash other essay writing services on reddit and showcase their own service as the most potent.


This is a small subreddit community that is hyper active. It used to be a place where students could get help in their essay, however, now the place has developed into a marketplace, with easy access to almost anyone including spammers.

The only benefit of this subreddit is the quick response and help the writer and service provides to the user on brief notice.

honorable mentions for the best essay writing service on reddit

Here are some honorable mentions for the best essay writing service on reddit:

Adam Huler is one of the founding members of reddit essay writing services. He has a formidable reputation and many positive reviews. He is capable of writing papers on almost any topic.

AbrahamEssays: It is a reliable service that attracts clients through self advertisement, reviews and sharing. The reviews from users show that the service provides essay writing with high-quality.

Prescottpapers: It is one of the highly reputed essay writing services that once was considered a 5-star service. Unfortunately, the service is no longer active the way it used to be then.

Selecting the top essay writing service on reddit FAQs

There are things that will help you differentiate a good essay writing service from the bad ones. You should ignore the glorious offers, the way the subreddits and Reddit writers present their company and service. Rather ask these questions:

Question: Does the writer know english as a Native Language or ENL?

Answer: It is vital to know if the writer is a native speaker or a non native english speaker. A native speaker is less likely to commit grammar or spelling mistakes.

You should always check the samples for quality. For best results, select a writing service that has writers that are Ph.D., Masters or M.Phil in the particular field for guaranteed quality results.

It is important to note that a reputable writing platform will give the tasks to their most competent writer. They do it because a writer who has expertise over the subject matter can write articles way better than others. Even if you choose someone from Reddit to write for you, you should always check if he is a native english speaker.

Question: Are services transparent regarding the prices?

Answer: The most reputable services are the ones that are transparent in respect of the rates for which they provide their service. Some good services provide calculators for the essay so that students are able to know how much they have to pay in case they decide to order.

It is also significant to note that the shorter deadlines are more costly and more difficult. Some great companies will have some form of discount or promotion for the new customers.

However, on reddit always negotiate and settle the price before ordering to start the task.

Question: Do these essay writing services have 24/7 Support?

Answer: the best essay writing services on Reddit always has a 24/7 team support. Reputable and potent essay writing service will always have more than one way of communication for their clients. They will have email, online chat and even phone numbers for them.

Other companies have special apps that connect the customer support for questions, concerns and progress reports.

Question: Do these services have Good Reviews?

Answer: The best essay writing services allow customers to leave feedback and reviews for the service they had. Most people know that it is always better to check the company’s reviews before placing an order. Good reviews are indicators of quality service.

Although A 5-Star review and feedback can be due to manipulation. Therefore, it is always rational to keep in mind that even the top-notch best essay writing service will have one or more negative reviews.

Question: Are the writers experienced in writing on your subject?

Answer: It is one of the best practices to look for a person who has experience in writing a particular subject. You should verify if the company has some standing for a considerable period of time in the topic. It is easy to do so by checking the WHOIS data, checking the registration date and checking how long the site has been in operation.

Older companies can offer better writing service and have more writers compared with the more recently formed sites.

Although it is difficult to find a reputable writer. Students can rely on other friends for referrals. They will find the writer that best suits their needs.

However, finding a seasoned writer on Reddit can be challenging. In fact, one can easily take the wrong advantage of the voting system. The only solution in such a case is to seek samples from the writer and to check the Redditor’s karma points as well as his tenure.

The legitimacy of an essay writing

Do some people worry whether essay writing services are legitimate in their form and service? These doubts prevent them from obtaining the help they need from these sites. Students can be scared of making contact with these service providers, as they may think that they are contacting someone carrying on an illegal business. Here is the truth, the best essay writing services, even on Reddit, are legitimate

The legitimacy question actually encompasses two questions. One, whether the essay writing service providers are registered. Secondly, whether their essay writing service is legal according to law.

Whether the essay writing service providers are registered?

The best essay writing service, on reddit or otherwise, is registered. These services have established a company or LLC and these companies are registered in a state. The website, through which they contact their clients, is registered under that LLC company name. As a matter of fact, these companies are tax payers and follow the employment and other laws. They do everything that a legitimate business does.

The fact is that legitimate essay writing services are not only hired by the students but also by professional, academics and executives. These writing services can only write essays, they write articles, summaries, presentations, academic material and much more that can be used by other services.

In many cases, best essay writing service, on reddit or otherwise, are hired by school, academics, or universities. Some universities, schools, and other institutes even allow their students to hire a legitimate research assistant, research service, proofreading service or other such services that these companies provide in order to enable them to be able to work with others.

The only time the writing service crosses the line is when it tries to harm their client. This is when the users end up using fake and scammer writing services that are no good to anyone. However, like any other place, these are the black sheeps of the good old writing service.

Whether essay writing services are legal?

Yes, of course they are legal. These services do everything in accordance with law, they follow the privacy law, have terms and conditions on their website for preventing any potential harm to the users or the company.

Is it illegal to hire someone to write an essay?

It is not illegal to pay someone to write a custom essay or article for you. The essay can be written on any topic, whether it is your assignment or thesis or anything academic. What is illegal is to hand the same essay in your own name to the university. That’s when it gets illegal.

So is it illegal to write essays for someone?

No, it is not illegal to write essays for anyone. Neither it is illegal to offer your essay writing service to anyone nor is it illegal to get hired by a company to write essays for them or their clients. Many people, especially freelancers, offer their essay writing services for their client in exchange of money. There is nothing illegal about writing an essay.

Therefore, the best essay writing services, whether on reddit or anywhere else, are neither illegal nor illegitimate. In fact, these services provide a great service to users, from students to professional. Their quality may depend on the experience and expertise of the writing service but their legitimacy depends on the practices, privacy laws, and the terms and conditions that they follow at the website.

Tips for High-Quality Writing

Tips for High-Quality Writing

If you are looking for writing a high quality essay or want to know if your essay writing service observes the best essay writing practices, check them for the following qualities:

Researched Article or essay:

If you want to write a great essay, always keep one thing in mind, you need to do extensive research on the topic. The research involves doing literature review, referencing evidence for your essay and relevant facts for the argument. During the research you are also supposed to closely inspect the other side of the argument. Weigh the arguments and see whether they are substantial or they are just fillers.

The research phase is one of the most important, it involves learning, unlearning and relearning proper data after examination and extensive testing. However, to write an essay we don’t always have to be a scientist. We can do moderate research and get great results.


Start your essay with a great hook. Always remember that the first impression is the last impression. If you start with a great statement that hooks your reader in the first read, you are sure that he will go through the remainder of your content.

To get the best results and make this step easier, you can use questions. You can even state a startling fact that attracts the reader’s attention.

Structure of the essay:

Many people undervalue this part. It is one of the most best practices of essay writing to structure it the way essays are written. An essay should start with the introduction, continue with the body arguments and end with the conclusion.

The body contains the most of the text. It should contain the main arguments of the author. In order to make it more interesting, good writers usually add figures and references in the arguments. Naturally, essays with proper structure are easy to understand.

Organise a coherent essay:

Moreover, in order to make an essay more standardised it is important organise our thought into a coherent essay. The arguments in paragraph should be organised in a logical manner. The paragraph should start with a topic sentence, then continue with two or three supporting sentences and then conclusion. These sentences should be put together by using connectors. You can connect essays using words like additionally, moreover and others.

These words will connect the sentence and make the reader feel more related to the topic. However, these transactions should be spread through the paragraph and all the lines should not add such words.

Write clear essay:

This tip involves using clear language. The writer should not use opaque or confusing language. The essay should be written so that even a child can understand. Using simple language does not mean that the writer does not have much vocabulary, it rather means that the writer is capable of making things easier for the readers.

A great writer always wants the reader to feel confident and happy about himself. He must not feel that he does not know the language or lack the vocabulary of a 13 year old.

Cite resources and evidence:

This step is fundamental to best essay writing service and practices, whether on Reddit or outside, in that the writer adds reference and evidence to all the material that he quotes. Every argument or evidence taken from outside should be referenced properly.

This will reduce the plagiarism level, revealing the sources mean making a fair use of others’ content. Secondly, it will help the purpose of education, where knowing the origin of the argument is not a problem.

Homework help

Writing homework may seem a boring job for students but in most of the countries it is a great way to boost the self-learning project of the student. So here are some tips that you can follow to create the best homework and get a high score on the subject.

Homework help

Early done is easy done:

The earlier the homework is done, the easier it gets for the student to write things on his own. Students should be encouraged to write the essay on their own. If they will start early, they are probably going to score good. Because of all the mistakes and issues that may arise are resolved by the parents or assisting teacher, everything can end early.

Change the location of study:

If the kid doing the homework is a child it is best to keep changing the places where he does the homework. This will help him clear his mind and focus more on the task at hand. Changing locations can actually reinforce learning too. It boosts the memory as well. For adults it is best to change the environment to reduce the disturbance. Some adults prefer studying at the library which is also one of the best practices.


Writing an assignment requires both effort and dedication. The universities and colleges encourage assignments so students understand the importance of task completion. However, in the real world people do use others’ help in their tasks. They may ask someone to write for them entirely or may ask them to help them understand or research the topic. The result is collaboration and learning with partnership. Here are some tips that you should follow to get the best score on your essay test:

Discuss with a someone:

It is important to discuss your essay or assignment with someone who is experienced and competent to handle your request. These discussions will help you better understand the topic and make the topic clear. You will also learn the skills to discuss with other people how to act in a particular situation. The best essay writing service on reddit or the internet will always allow room for discussion.

Read as much as you can:

The next tip for completing an assignment is reading as much as one can on the topic before starting to write themselves. The more you read the more you are likely to know about the different contours of the topic. Reading more and more will ensure that you succeed. Best essay writing service, on Reddit or otherwise, has experience of reading hundreds of pages on a subject. Therefore they can be regarded as authority on the subject.

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