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Benjamin Ken’s secret behind His Latest Release “Soul Searcher”

Benjamin Ken is an Atlanta-based rising artist, writer, composer, and businessman. He is a dedicated, committed, focused, and hardworking musician with a promising talent that will sweep the music industry in days to come. His growing fan base is in for a great treat with his artistic mastery and will look forward to more.

At only 22 years old, Benjamin’s rapping talent is irresistible on the airwaves. He is gradually dominating the hip-hop scenes with his unique rapping talent and engaging music. Benjamin has shown a lot of consistency by keeping his fans entertained, and some have referred to him as a “master of all surprises” because of his extraordinary music. 

He recently surprised his fans with a thriller titled “Soul Searcher,” and they cannot get enough of the rap hits. His audience is already raving about the vibes brought about by the unique tunes and captivating words from the album. They have flooded all his media platforms to have a closer connection with the latest release. 

The latest project has several captivating hip hop hits, such as “Legends Die Young,” “Soul Searching,” and “Ghetto Hero”. Some of his fans have been reported to play the hits many hours in a row. Going by the inspirational and amazing feedback from his passionate fans, you can certainly tell that Benjamin Ken’s talent is first-class. The album is very inspirational and stimulating. The lyrical mix, melodies, and the rhythms are fascinating and his fans are asking for more. 

Benjamin is rapidly making his presence known on social media platforms as he seeks to connect with his fans even more closely. He has over 28K followers on his Instagram account and a growing fan base on SoundCloud and YouTube. The numbers are expected to rise higher after the latest release of “Soul Searcher.”

Benjamin Ken’s secret behind his latest project is based on focus, discipline, determination, and dedication. He grew up in difficult circumstances but he did not let these setbacks alter his vision and goals. He was so passionate about music and through the life’s values instilled to him by his mother, he focused on his talent and today he is reaping the fruits. Benjamin says that once he focuses on a musical project, there is no turning back because music is his business.