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Presenting Bank It: Transforming the World of Betting and Gaming

Tired of seeing play 2 earn games that you have no interest in playing? Want to finally get paid for playing games you love on your console or device of choice? There is no alternative to Bank It. With our new app, you can create custom bets between you and any other user on ANY event of your choice, whether its challenging another player to a high stakes game of Call of Duty, or a casual bet between friends on who can drink their bottle of beer the fastest, the possibilities are endless.

Turn your passion and talent into an Income

Bank It

Whether its smartphone games, console or Pc, simply load up the app pick your game and platform of choice and search for other players to challenge, agree the terms and stake between yourselves and use your Bank It tokens to bet with.  Accumulate your Bank It tokens, gain followers, fans and build a reputation for yourself.  Whether you are a high-stakes or casual sports bettor, an athlete, or a casual gamer, the Bank It app and token enable you to transform a hobby or skill into a career or secondary source of income.

Decentralized and on the blockchain.

The betting and gaming business is primed for change, and Bank It is at the forefront of this movement. Using the Bank It app, you are in complete control, organize and take part in esports events all from the comfort of your own home. This is conducted on the blockchain via the application, guaranteeing a safe and transparent procedure.


The Multi pool betting feature enables participants to organize a team and individual competitions for any sport or hobby. Football, basketball, golf, and weight lifting. Simply provide the date and place. Players would organize events using the in-app chat, betting conditions would be formed, all parties would agree on betting terms, and tokens would be kept in escrow until the event concluded.


The world of E-sports has been far too excluding of regular gamers,

No longer will gamers have to rely on 3rd parties to host E-sports events and competitions. Amateur and pro gamers will be able to organise and create events themselves for their console and games of choice. This includes mobile versions of your favorite games. You set the date, you set the stakes. All done through the app and executed on the blockchain.


No more unfair and biased regulation!. No matter which country you reside, as long as you can purchase crypto you can buy the Bank It token and download the Bank It app. Bank It app will offer better odds, more historical data and betting history for all of your favorite sports

Bank It


Generally, when discussing esports, one refers to games performed professionally on PCs or gaming consoles. However, we are aware that millions of individuals play smartphone or mobile versions of games.

In games such as League of Legends: Wild Rift, Clash of Clans, Arena of Valor, Golf Clash, 8 Ball pool, PUBG Mobile, etc., there will be a means for competent players to compete and challenge one another. Smartphone players may now participate in competitive gaming and e-sports and perhaps make a living. The only requirements are the Bank It app, token, and internet connectivity.

The time is now?

The Bank It app and token will soon be live! With this, you can easily bet and win against other players in a totally decentralized way. This is the future of betting and gaming, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this industry.

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