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Backyard Breaks Aims to Become One of the Largest Live-Selling Companies

The internet entered our lives decades ago and nothing has been the same since. Our perspective and the way we learn has been impacted by digitization and online selling. 

Collecting sports cards was a practice that began much earlier than the introduction of the internet. Collecting these cards of your favorite athletes was a hobby for many. However, the evolution of the market has introduced a new type of buyer – the investor whose sole goal is to see a return on their purchase. Backyard Breaks has managed to keep this hobby alive while accommodating those looking to invest their money into an upward trending market. They specialize in selling high-end sports cards online via live-streams such as Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram. 

Backyard Breaks is one of the largest sports card breaking organizations in the world. They are expert entertainers with extensive knowledge in the sports card market. When they combined these two attributes into one – a live-selling powerhouse was born.  Because of this balance between expertise and entertainment, they’re able to attract thousands to their live-streams – whether their viewers are there to enjoy the show or buy into a break. 

Backyard Breaks has been able to grow their loyal following on just about every social media platform imaginable. They’re able to take the content from their live-streams and turn it into social media content that people want to be a part of. The audience feels as if they’re in the room experiencing it themselves – they can feel the rush – the excitement – jumping off the screen and into their living room;  and this sets them apart from all the rest. If you’ve ever tuned into a Backyard Breaks live-stream, the energy just feels different.  

What Backyard Breaks has been able to accomplish in their short time since inception has been remarkable, but they don’t plan to slow down any time soon. It’ll be incredible to see where the company’s vision takes the Backyard.