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Ay Sa releases single ‘Soufira Crane’

International Recording Artist Ay Sa is on the rise. She has released the first single “Soufira Crane” available on Apple Music, ITunes, and Spotify.

Born from Arawak descent and raised in London she was introduced to the stage at the age of 11 by her dad Byron (known for the Latín Ska group Banana Boats).

After decades Byron launched a solo career and later met Ay Sa’s mother Christal .

‘’Byron wanted me to be able to play a few of his songs on the piano so I got hooked right there and then ‘’ says Ay Sa.

Her mother was the long term former partner and backup singer for Byron.
‘’Of course family is the foundation that brings you unto this world but family ain’t everything ,when the ties are broken and it becomes impossible to build back .You can’t change that ,you must fend for yourself at that point ‘’says Ay Sa.

Soufira Crane

Since she was very young she enjoyed acting, in 2007 Ay Sa studied Performing Arts where she completed the course and graduated.

‘’When I’m acting ,I’m telling a story by adopting a character. In my studio sessions I can tell my story, share my feelings, and I feel that my message gets across clearer with my music’’ -tells Ay Sa.

In 2012 Ay Sa released Heartless dreamer’ and Soufira Crane in 2020.

Co-produced and composed by Ay Sa herself, Single Soufira Crane enters an exotic and yet very appealing mix of vocals between exoticism and emotions.

‘’I suffered a mismatch with the way I look and how I see the world ,and I want to let everyone know that it is ok to not feel relatable’’- explained Ay Sa.

In a recent interview Ay Sa has announced her debut studio album, the former singer combines Euphoric Melodies & Deep Soul Tones ,the album is set to be released later this year. Throughout the album she expands her vision about controversial gender topics while examining the world around her in a perspective between family ties and relationships .

‘’ I was born to stand out -and I understand that now‘’ -added the singer.

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