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Award-Winning DJ Berkant Dural Offers a Glimpse into His Career

Breaking through into any industry takes work. Even with the best skills or talent, some people still fail to become famous. Then there’s another bunch that seems to succeed effortlessly. This group thrives in any industry they get into—one the likes of DJ Berkant Dural belongs to.

DJ Dural is a famous figure in the urban music scenes of Turkey and the Netherlands. Based in both countries, he has made a name for himself through his energy-filled and fresh productions. Over the years, he has pushed his brand in the party scenes in these countries and firmly established himself as a master.

On top of his musical accomplishments, DJ Dural is also a successful entrepreneur in the haircare industry. His brand, Global Hair, has branches in both Turkey and the Netherlands. It is a successful business with tons of famous personalities as clients. On the surface, it might appear like success just finds him, but according to Dural, that is not true at all.

DJ Dural’s music career didn’t just take off. Years ago, he was a newcomer to the scene. He had to play lots of shows before making a name for himself. However, his persistence paid off, and he started gaining popularity. Once his DJing career took off, it didn’t stop.

After a short while, Dural started earning industry awards in Turkey. Shortly after, the same started happening in the Netherlands. This opened more doors for him, and soon, he found himself on TV shows. Dural also earned prizes from the shows he was in. It was from these shows that his business grew.

Today, Dural is a successful DJ and business owner. He currently has DJ’d in different parts of the world, and that reach is growing by the day. He has also established relationships with notable personalities from different places. Dural believes that that will result in a larger network in the coming years.

Achieving success in one industry is hard enough, but Dural has managed to succeed in two. According to him, it has resulted from several things. One, he loves his work. The way he sees it, it’s hard to succeed in something you don’t love or believe in. If you want to thrive, his advice is to always do what you love.

Two, Dural doesn’t take what others say into account. He believes in himself and his work and doesn’t worry too much about other people’s opinions. This helps him to stay focused on his goals and achieve them within a short time.

Three, DJ Dural values continuous improvement. Over the years, he has perfected his skills and has not relented in his pursuit of excellence. His audience has also kept growing, and now he is playing for the world, not just his country. At the moment, he is looking at becoming the best DJ Turkey and the Netherlands have ever had. He then plans to do the same in other parts of the world.

DJ Dural has made lots of music throughout his career, which is available on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. His fans can also interact with him on his Instagram and Facebook platforms.