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Award-Winning Director and Author Sheena Herod Continues to Flourish in the Industry

Making strides in the entertainment industry is cause for celebration. It’s even more commendable because Sheena Herod, an independent producer, author, and director, is using her power to speak up against child abuse and molestation as an activist.

Sheena Herod is an award-winning director and author known for her activism in creating awareness against child abuse. She is the creator and director of multiple films, including “Finding Destiny” starring Towonda Braxton and Brittany Lucio and “The Killing Secret” starring Blue Kimble. Over the years, she has been privileged to work with some of the most influential leaders in the entertainment industry, among them Tyler Perry and the award-winning artist Neyo.

She recalls how it all started. When Sheena began, she was a marketing manager for major celebrities, and it was part of her job to accompany them on tours. As she got to know some of the actors she once looked up to, she was reminded of her high school acting days. Sheena realized her passion for acting was back and stronger than ever before. In no time she was back to acting, but this time it was different. Sheena became fascinated by what goes on behind the scenes of a film set, and how cinematic classics are made. Sheena is now an award-winning creator, director, and author, all because she followed her passion.

With a determined heart and unstoppable drive, Sheena continues to flourish undeterred. In 2011 Sheena Launched Tapoo Productions, a production company that helps develop and nurture passionate producers, filmmakers, editors, and other industry professionals. Together with her team of notable mentors like Darrin Henson (Soul Food and Stomp the Yard), Sheena provides participants with valuable experience that help them to thrive.

In addition to helping fellow creatives in the entertainment industry, Sheena works hard to help combat child abuse throughout the country. She is the author of two notable books on the subject: “A Boy’s Silent Cry” and “Good Touch, Bad Touch.” Dedicating her time to this worthy cause is what inspired her to launch her non-profit, Broken Silence. This organization gives children and parents an outlet to discuss child abuse, molestation, and preventive measures.

Sheena continues to use her talent and influence to make a positive impact on the lives of many. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed; she has won numerous awards, including the illustrious Atlanta Director of the Year award. Sheena has also been featured in major publications, including Sheen Magazine, Kontrol Magazine, and Hip Hop Weekly.

As everyone knows, the entertainment industry is vastly competitive. To build a name for herself in the industry, Sheena embodied resilience and determination. Her unique style in writing and movie making is what makes her stand out from the rest. Since then, audiences and fans of Sheena Herod have been in awe.

As a female in the industry, Sheena says she has faced many challenges and obstacles, but she does not let them define her future. She notes that one of the best pieces of advice she’s ever gotten is to not dwell on the failures and mistakes you make, but on the lessons you learned. This is just the beginning of Sheena Herod’s incredible career, as she’s quickly becoming a household name.