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Ava Bamby Shows Content Creators the Way to Fight Copyright Infringements

Technological advancement and the rise of social media have become a major threat to copyrights. The digital era is witnessing a surge in copyright infringements and no one seems to be concerned about the rights of the creators. Content creators continue to cry foul as they watch their content rights violated with little being done to protect their rights. This should never be the case as content creators need protection and rights over their own content.


Ava Bamby, a social media content creator and entrepreneur has set out to help and show content creators how to fight copyright infringements. She is a content creator and creates original videos and photo content on various social media platforms to keep her audience entertained.


The former government worker and military officer who became a social media influencer is taking copyright infringement as seriously as creating her unique and entertaining content. She blends her interest in dance, cosplay, and acting to create content with a plot twist that keeps her followers entertained. Her TikTok account is one of the fastest-growing accounts, having gained over one million followers in thirty days. Content creation is now her full-time job. She spends countless hours on ideation, planning, storyboarding, filming, and making edits on her videos to create unique, captivating, and entertaining content.


Copyright infringement has been a significant challenge to her young social media content creation career and she is leading the way to fight it. She truly understands the pain of having your hard work taken away from you while there is little or nothing you can do about it. Ava acknowledges the existence of various Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) companies. But none are dedicated to addressing the concerns of content creators. No one is taking criminal action against content infringers and leakers. It has become common for anyone to share your content without fear of consequences for copyright violation.


Ava has created a company that uses the latest technologies to tackle the problem of copyright infringement and track it to the source. The technologies used can track down the source of the leak and expose the violators and hence punish them for infringement of copyrights.


Ava is looking to partner with relevant law enforcement forces around the world to take criminal action against copyright violators. Ava insists that some of the government policies on copyright infringement issues are not adequate to push for the criminalization of such acts. Therefore, she is pushing for immediate amendments. The digital space is growing every day and there need to be policies to safeguard the interests of content creators.


Her efforts will serve all content creators as she intends to make sure illegal content distribution and copyright infringement are punishable. The content creators feel the pain of having their work stolen and therefore should together lead the fight against copyright infringement.


You can follow Ava Bamby on Instagram where she regularly shares content that entertains her fan base. You can know more about her and her work by visiting her official website.